Chapter 3-kyles reveal and intense halloween lust.

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"Mom we're back!" I yelled. As I entered the front door and helped Bella with her candy bag I noticed mom has a note on the fridge.
"To my angel girls: I went to a Halloween party for work. Please don't eat all that candy. Also Bella needs to be in bed by 10:30 pm. I love you both.
Oh, Kyle wants you over at his apartment Kerri."
Love you both.
"But I'm not supposed to be alone at home." Bella says. I was about to respond when  there was a knock at the door. Thankfully it was my next door neighbors. They had volunteered to baby sit Bella while I went out with Kyle.
"By Kerri. Thanks for taking me trick or treating!" Bella says. I kiss my sweet little sister on her forehead and head out. I make it to Kyle's apartment and knock on the door and yes I'm still in my Arabian princess costume. I adjust it so it shows more cleavage. I knock on the door.
Kyle opens the door.
" hey you made it, thanks for coming." Kyle says. His apartment is decorated with all sorts of Halloween decor. Clearly he is in the halloween spirit.
"Wow this place looks great. Hey weren't you goin to have a party tonight?" I ask grabbing a mini Hershey's bar from the candy bucket on the kitchen counter.
"Yeah I was but some snobbish brats decided that I wasn't cool enough to party.
I hug Kyle.
" I will party with you. Besides I really like you." I whisper into his ear. I feel his form shift. Something underneath his disguise is aching to emerge. My nipples are already pressing against the fabric of my costume. Kyle notices.
Do you have a crush on me?" Kyle asks.
I nod.
I had strong feelings for Kyle ever since I first laid eyes on him. I wanted him no matter what he looked like. Kyle pulls me close. We stare into each other's eyes. I slowly inch closer and then... we kiss for the first time. The first kiss is a welcome shock. The second kiss nearly knocks me off my feet. By the time we kiss again my body is begging for him to take me.  Kyle explores my body with his eyes. A knock at the door breaks the tension. Thankfully it's more trick or treaters. Kyle hands out candy to them and then takes me in his arms again. My tongue entered his mouth and I feel him suck on it.
"Kerri, help me get out of this disguise." Kyle says. His form underneath shifts and I feel him against my legs. I quickly find the zipper and undo it. Kyles full form emerges and his tentacles spill out. My nipples are fully hard now and I'm getting very horny, I had already figured out Kyle was a tentacle beast. I was crazy for tentacle beasts.
"Wow. You look great in that costume." Kyle says. His alien face gazing at me. I gently stroke his tentacles.
"Shut up and just take me." I say.
Kyle doesn't hesitate and I don't waste time. I pull Kyle in and kiss him passionately! Kyles tongue immediately collided with mine. I feel his tentacles coil around me caressing every inch of my horny body. I moan as he fondled my ass and squeezes me. Kyle spins me around. He finds the buttons to my costume top. He quickly begins working. My boobs are dying to be released. I feel a tentacle coil around my belly and gently squeeze me. I moan. I want Kyle so badly.
"Kyle just tear it." I say.
"Are you sure?" Kyle asks.
"Halloween is over and I won't need this costume again." I reply. Kyle is trying to slide two tentacles up my top so he can coil them around my boobs.
Kyle gets a good grip on my top and then gives a fantastic yank. The fabric tears easily. I feel my boobs beginning to emerge from their confines. Finally they are free and I face Kyle.
He immediately buries his sexy alien face in my cleavage and licks my boobs and cleavage. Then he licks my underboob. God I love being a C-Cup in bra sizes.
Kyle then kisses me and lifts me with his sexy tentacles. He lays me on his couch and dominates me. His body completely covers mine and he takes the rest of my costume off. I'm now completely naked and  horny as hell.
"Kyle don't stop baby!" I beg as I squirm in his grasp. Kyle coils his tentacles around my body and begins fucking me. I feel his tentacles press against my wet pussy aching to penetrate me. One of his tentacles flies into my mouth and I suck on it fiercely. He deep throats me while his tentacle in my pussy fucks me harder. I moan loudly but it's muffled by the tentacle in my mouth. Kyle thrusts harder and harder and moans loudly. Oh I know he wants to fuck me hard.
"Cmon baby! Fuck me!" I scream out! His tentacle slides inside me. I feel my pussy tighten and clinch around it. I know I'm going to be fucked hard.

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