dandelions - ted nivison

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song: dandelions- ruth b.
where blowing on dandelions and wishing can lead you to your soulmate.
piper x ted
she/her pronouns

i've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime

everyone knows of the myth that blowing on dandelions and praying makes it comes true. it doesn't. that's just a made up folklore to let kids, who will never know the joy of having a soulmate, believe in the magic of love.
however, it was inspired by the true legend that if you enter a field of dandelions and the dandelions have a slight glow to them that's how you know that you have a soulmate.
once you know if you have a soulmate or not all you have to do is blow on one dandelion at a time until it inevitably leads you to your forever soulmate.
that's how it works, blow on a glowing dandelion and it creates a path to your one true love. it's like witchcraft and it tends to spook a lot more people than it should, but that's besides the point.

and i'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine,

piper pov - 11 years old

"come on piper, put your shoes on we're going shopping." her mother called upstairs to her from the downstairs hallway as she grabbed her car keys and headed out the door. piper rushed around her room and grabbed her shoes, not even bothering to put them on before running downstairs and into the back of her parents car. her dad started the car and off they went.

- time skip to roughly an hour later -

they were driving back home from shopping when piper's dad took a different route than usual. she only noticed it after 10 minutes of driving that way.

"where are we going?" piper asked, turning around from looking out the window towards her parents in the front.

"your dad wanted to take the scenic route." her mum said this with an eye roll and annoyed tone to her voice. piper shrugged it off because that's just the way she was: never fun.

"but why?" she asked, looking at her father in the rear view mirror as he looked back at her with a smile.

"there's a cut off on this road that leads to somewhere that's real special to me and i want to show you piper"

'cause i'm meant to feel the dandelions

the car pulled into the cutoff and along a really secluded road that was surrounded by trees on either side. piper found it really creepy but she knew her parents wouldn't harm her in any way so she wasn't really bothered.

"a lot of people don't know this exists, so you're special piper." her dad said after parking the car beside a tree and turned to face her with the largest smile on his face. seeing him smile always made her smile. he turned around and got out the car along with my mum, piper quickly got out the car herself and began following them through the little dirt path. she noticed there were around 4 cars all spread out in the large open area where they were parked, it really was secluded huh? they walked for what seemed like an eternity before her dad turned around to face her, stopping just in time for piper to smack right into him. he began laughing and helped her to keep her balance before she fell over and onto the ground below her.

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