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Virgil sat there hugging his knees as he cried. He was stuck. He was stuck in this void of pitch black with Roman out there getting tricked by his demented twin. This is exactly what he didn't want. If Roman never loved him he wouldn't be getting so easily manipulated by Remus. If Roman never loved him he would be safe right now. But no... No, Virgil had to go and make him weak. 

No, Virgil, you have to stop thinking like that. He gripped his hair tightly as he let out soundless sobs. It won't help. It'll only make it worse for you. Virgil, sat there getting swallowed by the pain and darkness as he cried.

The sound of a door opening caught Virgil's attention as he peeked out over his arms narrowing his eyes at the sound of footsteps. The footsteps crept closer and Virgil frowned at how painfully slow they were.

'Remus?' Virgil sighed as the world never held sound. It was pointless. The footsteps stopped making Virgil tense as he started to shake. He pushed himself up to peer out of the glass only to see a figure standing in the shadows. 'Remus, is that you?' 

'REMUS!' The figure glanced around before turning to walk out without even bothering to look over at the mirror. 'HEY?!' Virgil slammed his fists desperately against the glass as his tears fell. 'I can't take this. Let me out. Please let me out. I can't... I can't...' Virgil hit the glass over and over again despite every hit losing strength as time went on. 'PLEASE?! I can't take the dark. I can't take the quiet. SOMEONE LET ME OUT!'

"Virgil?" Virgil froze up looking up to see a familiar face and his eyes went wide in shock. They put their hand to the glass and frowned seeing Virgil flinch. "I'm sorry. I-I can't..." They took a step back glancing back out of the room. "I don't know how."

'Don't leave me. Please don't leave me!' Virgil screamed out in desperate need watching them back away more.

"I can't. I have to... to help... him." Virgil's eyes were blown wide with fear as the person swayed on their feet. "I'm sorry... I can't." Virgil watched in horror as they walked out hugging themselves tightly. It was like everything crashed around him. 

'Don't...' Virgil felt his anger bubble up as he backed away from the glass. This blast of hot air exploded out of him swirling around like a tornado as his eyes glowed impossibly bright. 'DON'T JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME HERE!' Virgil screamed as this painful crawl crawled up his spine to the shoulder blades. 'I have somewhere I have to be.' Virgil clenched his fists as the pain turned into a constant thrum to his back. 'I have someone I have to help too!' The air got even hotter as Virgil's anger seemed to literally boil inside him. 'I have someone I have to save.' The burning in him began to pool in his fists as his hair ignited a brilliant blue flame. 'So don't just leave me here!' His fists went ablaze as his the pain his back sparked at a sudden physical shift. 'LET ME OUT!'

The Mirror shattered at the sudden intense fiery pressure that exploded out of Virgil. Glass went flying in every direction only to spill into the stilled silence of the room. The sound of crunching glass was all there was to break up the quiet as Virgil slowly made his way to the center of the room with narrowed eyes. His hair was a brilliant flame that could outmatch Hades anytime. Bright blue flames trailed from his hands up to his arms till they licked at his elbows. Dark black beautiful wigs with gorgeous feathers slowly let themselves spread making the dark prince look more like a fallen angel than any Villain.

Virgil's eyes narrowed even more as he smelled the air. The scent of blood filled the air making his gut twist. Virgil let his wings retract and the fire on his arms fade till it was just his wrists like flaming bracelets. He followed the scent until he found himself staring at a basement cellar door and his chest began to hurt. He held his hand out and suddenly the cellar door blasted apart

"Emile?" Virgil slowly made his way down the steps of the musty and cold cellar internally cringing at how the metallic scent only got stronger invading his senses completely. "Emile?"

"V-Virg...gil?" Virgil froze hearing the weak and broken voice in front of him. A tired laugh came through the dark before becoming completely overcome with coughing. 

"EMILE?!" Virgil watched as the other dark prince slowly walked out of the shadows to reveal a very hurt looking Emile. His wrists and hands were bloody. One arm was in a homemade sling while the other held his gut tightly. "Emile..."

"I'm ok. I'm..." Emile winced making Virgil immensely go over to help him. "I'm ok."

"What did Remus do to you?" Emile shook his head as Virgil started to lead him out.

"Nothing... not really. He just... took my glasses." Virgil frowned as Emile held his one wrist out as if to examine. "He chained me up... d-down there."

"Emile, you're hurt."

"I did it to myself." Virgil froze the moment the cool air hit them both. Emile took a deep breath in and smiled as he stumbled away from Virgil. 

"What do you mean?" Emile turned to see Virgil giving him this look and he frowned. He laughed at himself as he held his wrist out again. 

"I did this getting out of the cuffs. The metal cut my skin as I got myself free." Virgil flinched as he Emile looked away. "When I found the door was locked I was trying to find a way out. I ended up tripping off a shelf and fell... landed on my arm."

"Ok... so, Remus didn't hurt you." Virgil laughed as he rolled his eyes. "At least he didn't do that." Virgil sighed as he pulled Emile in and holding him tightly. "Hang on..." Emile narrowed his eyes until they shot wide as Virgil let his wings spread out again. "I'm taking you back."

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