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Remus slowly exited the room and collapsed against the door only to yip in surprise seeing his parents still there.  He laughed awkwardly as his father narrowed his eyes clearly not liking how that was handled. Regardless, it was in fact handled. Remus knew his brother better than anything. They've been inseparable for so long. Maybe that's why it hurt... seeing that look in his eyes when he finally showed Roman who he really was.

"Thank you." Remus frowned as his mother smiled over at him. That women know. Remus was sure of it. 

"Don't thank me yet. There's still plenty I have to do." Belle's eyes darkened as Remus 'smiled'. The door opened behind him and he tensed feeling an arm wrap around him. Remus could literally see his mother choke back her laughter at how uncomfortable he was. Yep, she definitely knew.

"Roman?" Remus looked up to see Roman frowning as their Father sighed. "It's ok, Son." Roman's eyes went wide as the king smiled softly. "I hated it too. You don't need to feel ashamed of how you feel. If you truly hate the idea of being like me... or how I was..." The king brushed Roman's hair back with a slight laugh. "Remember you are Roman. You made the man you are today. You decide who you are. No one and nothing else can choose that for you... not even genetics."

"Golden rule right?" Roman laughed, making Remus's eyes narrow.  The king sighed as he shrugged.

"He's right though. I was cruel and selfish... and beastly." The king laughed as he punched Roman's arm, who just shot his father this look. "But hey, I raised quite the son."

"Yeah... quite the son." Remus forced his words through his teeth catching everyone's attention, as he smiled. "Welp, we better start heading out. We want to get there preferably BEFORE Remus so..."

"Actually, I really need to check on Logan." Remus's smiled fell so fast as he sighed in annoyance. This was getting tiresome.

"But he's with Thomas, surely the headmaster can care for..."

"I hurt him, Virgil. I need... I need to know he's ok." Remus nodded as he clenched his hands so tightly his hands were turning white. Remus ignored the look his mother had as he followed Roman to the medical wing of the castle. The sooner they get this over with the fast he can get back to the task at hand. This whole pretending to be Virgil thing is getting really awkward. Remus stopped the moment they got to the door. His eyes narrowed seeing Thomas there as Roman walked in. Remus didn't plan for this. Thomas had that aura thing going on. Plus this is Thomas, he knows all his students as if they were is own kids. Better to be safe then sorry and... "Virgil?" Remus glanced up to see Roman looking back at him in concern. "Are you ok?" Remus didn't say anything and he could see the growing concern in Roman as he reached out only to freeze hearing his name get called.

"Roman?" Roman turned seeing Thomas frowning in concern and sighed turning away from Virgil to walk inside. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see..."

"ROMAN?!" Roman flinched at the sound of something crashing to the ground. He looked up to see Remy standing there with this look of shock that made Roman gut twist. 

"I take it you saw?" Thomas narrowed his eyes in confusion as Remy nodded. "Oh... Sorry, I don't really remember..." Roman sighed as he hugged himself feeling his hands start to shake. "H-How is he?"

"How's who?" Roman frowned as Remy narrowed his eyes a bit.

"Logan, who else would I be talking about?"

"Well, Patton's here too." Roman's eyes went wide and Remy frowned seeing the horror that filled them.

"Roman, no. It wasn't you." 

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