The Ephemeral

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Book 2: Ikelos

"Woman is soulless and possesses neither ego nor individuality, personality nor freedom, character nor will."

― Otto Weininger, Sex and Character: An Investigation of Fundamental Principles


Please use this space to discuss any theories, predictions, or metanalysis you have up to this point.  This is your chance to document your "I knew it!" thoughts. (Beyond this page, any in-line comments that spoil events or major revelations -- accidentally or otherwise -- will be deleted for the sake of other readers. Thanks!)


Sorry. My Inkarnate maps had to be removed due to copyright! You can find them on my website or Instagram account (links in profile).

Credit to Keenan Constance on Unsplash and Simon on Pixabay for original hand photo and ice background, respectively. 

The Ephemeral (Book 2: Ikelos)

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