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It was morning, not a school morning thankfullly. I open my eyes and feel warm arms wrapped around my body while Kacchan's face was in my neck, his soft but breathes were hitting my neck and causing a little tickling feeling. I close my eyes yet again feeling sleepy and too peaceful. I drift back to sleep without even realizing it.

About another hour later, I feel shuffling beside me. I open my eyes slowly to see Kacchan already awake and looking at his phone while making a pout. I raise an eyebrow and shift a little closer and hug him tightly, suprising him.

He blushes, the atmosphere was so peaceful. He smiles and puts his phone to the side and hugs me "Good morning, Princess" he says and I widen my eyes blushing "w-what?" I say and he chuckles "what? You don't like your nickname babe?" He says and I frown softly "Kacchan won't you call me by my nickname?" I ask and He raises an eyebrow.

"Ye- Yea.. but I thought something more loving would be more suitable since we both are dating now" he says and I raise an eyebrow.. there's no way Kacchan himself thought to do such adorable thing. I shift a little before rolling on top of him making his face blush widely.

I smile at his face and get closer and closer and suddenly grab his phone that had Kirishima and kacchan's chat open.
He widens his eyes and tries to grab hold of his phone but I run away with it in the bathroom and lock it. "DEKU GET THE FUCK OUT" he yells and I chuckle and patiently start to scroll and find a good place to read.

Shitty hair: So did you asked her out?
Katsuki: no
Shitty hair: why??
Katsuki: she seems way too out of my league. I am sure she hates me I was such a dick to her.
Shitty hair: Bakubro You have to show some manliness! You can't give up!
Katsuki: I'll try ugh.

And then messages from this morning.
Shitty hair: hey Bakubro~ You got the girl.
Katsuki: shut up
Shitty hair: aw come on tell me, you guys kissed?
Katsuki: FuCk Yea we did ugh why are you asking?
Shitty hair: wait-- what do you call her?
Katsuki: Deku?
Shitty hair: ....
Shitty hair: bro! Girls like sweet nicknames like Princess and Babe and Cutie and stuff. Not Deku Jeez
Shitty hair: you don't know until you try it.

The bangs and yells were continous and I chuckle. I go up to the door instantly getting yanked out and put in the bed, my arms were pinned and my hand still had the phone. I let out a playful chuckle. "Kacchan your messages with Kirishima were adorable" I say and he pouts "Damn deku" he says and the phone dings again and Kacchan snatches it from my hand and reads the text and reply and I smile softly at Kacchan who was so casually on top of me and texting his friend.

I shift to get away but fail as Kacchan had trapped me. I sigh in defeat and he smirks and bites my collar bone before licking it. "Ka-Kacchan I am sorry-" I say and he moves a little and kisses my cheek like three time adoring me and then kisses me on my lips quite deeply.

I kiss back and smile into it "It's fine babe" he says and I chuckle "You don't have to change deku, I like these and I like that as well so" I say and hear s knock on the door. "Madam and her classmates are having breakfast and would like to have you there as well" the guy behind the door says and I reply with "okay we are coming just a minute" I say and playfully push Kacchan off of me and he pouts and lays back on top of me "ahh~I have no energy today~" he says and I ruffle  his hair "really? Because I do" I say and squeeze myself out of the trap of his body and he chuckles and gets up.

I make my way to the bathroom, "you are going to take  a shower?" He asks and I reply with a "yea" "well take me with you" he says and winks and I narrow my eyes at him and decide to tease him "alright  then, katsuki let's  shower together~" I say opening  the door to bathroom  and he freezes before  I let out a chuckle "pFfAHAAH You should  have seen your face gosh" I say and he mumbles "just  go"

I take a shower and then get dressed and get downstairs. Everyone was wide awake and already on to making breakfast. "Good morning everyone" I say and smile and get good morning's back and Kacchan comes to the scene a few minutes after my arrival wow that was quick.

I start  to eat breakfast as I was eating I could feel Kacchan staring at me and I looked up and winked at him causing him to avoid eyecontact instantly. Did he had something in his mind?

•Bakugo Katsuki pov•
We have started dating but didn't  went on an official date..crap ugh where does she want to go? The mall? Or mountain hicking? A concert?

I was just thinking when shitty hair nudges me "yo bakubro, Mina got this for you and Midoriya. It's  concert tickets" he says and I raise an eyebrown grabbing them and giving deku a glance only for her to glance back and me looking away. I nod. Fuck I feel nervous ugh..

The band name was X lovers..huh never heard of them. This better be good. It is tonight though.

Soon after breakfast everyone went home and me and Midoriya decided to go home as well.

I stood outside her door and just when she was going to open the door. "Izuku?" I mumble and she suprisingly hears it. "Yea?" She asks and turns around. "Uh- would youu like to go on a this concert?" I ask. Her eyes lit up "I would love to!" She says cheerfully and hugs me and giving me a quick peck on the lips and running inside. DAMN DEKU uGh

I cover my mouth with the back of my hand and walk inside with blush on my cheeks.

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