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"Don't trust Logan?" Roman frowned as he stared at the phone. That's when it hit him. Virgil was gone. He jumped up feeling the fear take over as he ran out of the room. "VIRGIL?!" Roman could feel his power surge up in him as fear literally began to choke him. "VIR..."

"ROMAN!" Roman froze up feeling everything snap in and around him just at the sound of his voice. Roman turned towards the window and looked out with a blank expression to find them in the front of the castle yelling up. "ROMAN!"

"Logan there's no point in yelling." Remy called as he started up the stairs only for Logan to yank him back.

"Don't." Remy turned back to find Logan staring up. He followed his gaze to find Roman just staring at them. His blood went cold at how emotionless his expression was but just how dark his glowing red eyes were. "Something's wrong." The watched as Roman slowly turned away and this chill ran down their spin.

"Care for Patton." Remy's eyes went wide as Logan started to pull his tie off, rolling up the sleeve of his button-up.

"What are you..."

"He's going to come after me." Remy grabbed Logan's arm but the logical one just smiled. "Think about it. He already took out Patton and Emile. You're supposed to be incapacitated and Roman is the weapon this time so it's safe to say Remus already got to him. If You and I are the only possible targets Roman could be after. Who is the one that, logically, Remus would have suspected." 

"You." Logan nodded as he pulled his glasses off and Remy stepped back seeing Logan's eyes turn a bright lavender. He cracked his neck, crossing his arms and snapping as he whipped his arms down. Remy blinked in surprise seeing these bright white marking running up Logan's arm. "What the..."

"I'm the only VK here with no actual proper power." Logan sighed as he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. "Virgil and Emile are royal's. Deceit is literally half snake. My only advantage was my knowledge of magic, potions, and spellwork on top of my intellect." He ran a hand through his hair smirking as his aura literally became tangible, spiking his hair and making small pebbles start to hover. "So I used my knowledge to give myself a boost."

"Seems like a lot of work just to even the playing field." Logan frowned as his eyes flashed a little.

"Yes, well... that's something my mother and I may have in common." Logan laughed as he took a step closer to the castle feeling Roman's anger from where he was. "We tend to put needless effort into our plans. She's still a moron though."

"I'm confused though." Logan narrowed his eyes as Remy frowned. "You said Remus was using other Villains as inspiration for his attacks. Jafar... the evil queen. How is using Roman..."

"You forgot something, Remy." Remy's eyes narrowed as Logan turned back to castle doors. Remy followed his gaze only to stumble back in fear at the red eyes peering through the black. They slowly walked out of the black making Remy literally fall on their ass in shock and fear, as they revealed the beastly form before them. "He's the son of the Beast." Logan frowned seeing the pain and anger burning through those red animalistic eyes of one of his friends. "Meaning he inherited his father's curse."

"Logan..." Logan shook his head as he started walking towards the beastly Roman. "LOGAN!"

"Protect Patton. Get him to Thomas." Logan took one last look at Remy, determination in his eyes. "Do NOT come back for me."

"Ok... Logan?" Logan paused as Remy's voice cracked. "Remember that's still Roman. He as much control over his anger as the water as over their tides. His guilt can literally kill him... Don't let him hurt you." Logan laughed as he watched Roman crack his neck.

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