Part 6

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Warning: This chapter contains swearing.

Vincent POV

It's so... so warm. I like beeing like this. I opened my eyes slowly and yawned. I realized that Clay had his face buried in my chest and his arms around me. Is he still asleep? I remember falling asleep in the other way. My cheeks, I can bet, were red in that point.

I put my hands back in his dirty blood hair, messing with him in a comfortable way, careful not to wake him up. But he moved his body more into my body's warmth and I could hear some muffled mumbles coming from him. He lifted his head up and I could see for some seconds his red face.

Did he cry?

"Hey... Are you ok? Did you cry?" Vincent said pulling him away slightly.
"No...? Why would I cry? Why are you pushing me away? Did I do anything wr-?" he said but the french man rapidly cut his words by puting his hand gently on his lips, his soft lips.
"Shhh. Do you want to sleep more? Is there something hurting you?" he said, then Clay mumbled something.
"Mhm.. I'm hungry." he said softly.
"Do you want me to go find some food for you?" Vincent smiled softly.
"Yes please," he said and took off his grip.

Vincent got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen. He found some milk and cereals that looked really good. He took 2 bowls and put the cereal first and then the milk. He put the two bowls in the microwave and set the timer to 1 minute and 30 seconds. He heard footsteps and then two arms on his shoulders. He turned around to face the person and in his surprise it was Darryl, with a sleepy look on his face.

"Good mornig Darryl. Is Zak alright?" Vincent said and went to get 2 spoons.

Darryl face was a little red. He turns and sit at the table.

"Good mornig Vince. I think he is a little bit better today. I mean he is not awake, so i don't know," the tall boy spoke.
"Your face seemed red when i asked you if he was ok. What happened?" Vincent smirked.
"Nothing" he said yawning. "What did you and Clay do last night?" the smirk was on Darryl's face this time.
"We slept. We don't like each other like you and Zak do. So don't make that face on me." Vincent took the bowls in his hands and left the kitchen.
"He is so unconscious of this situation" Vincent could hear Darryl's last words.

Vincent had a hard time trying to open the door with the two bowls in his hands. He ended up screaming for Clay to help him. Clay opened the door trying not to fall on the ground. Vincent got in the room and placed the bowls on the table and then helped Clay to get back to bed. He handed him his bowl of cereals, took his own and started eating.

Vincent looked for the remote and when he spotted it, he took it and opened the TV.

Hello fellow humans and welcome back to the newest show: Sherderk.

"Those sounds... I don't want to watch TV. My head hurts. Please turn it ooooff." Clay cryed.
"You are a baby. But I know it hurts your ears. Here." he turned off the TV.
"Thank you Vince..." he said stretching over Vincent to put the bowl on the nightstand.

Vincent's cheeks were now a reddish colour because of Clay's face being so close to his. Clay returning to his original position, looking at him, a smirk crossing his face. Vincent tried to cover his face turning to put his bowl as well on the nightstand. Clay drag him back in a hug.

"I'm sorry Vince." he said slowly, then a little sigh escaped from Vincent's mouth.

The French guy hugging him back. He didn't want to hurt him even more so he just put his hands on Clay's back, feeling how Clay buried his face in Vincent's hoodie.

A small knock on the door made Clay jump. Vincent got up, making his way to the door.

"Yeah?" he said with his normal french accent that could be heard.
"We are going to get Zak some medication. Are you guys going to be ok alone?" Darryl asked smiling.
"Yeah. I think we are going to be alright alone" he turned to see if Clay agreed with him.

But Clay was in the bed with a flushed red face. He snapped back from his thoughts when he felt Vincent's eyes and nodded in response.

"Ok then. We are going to be back in 1 hour, I need to go do some things and I can't let this muffin home, cause you don't know how to take care of him." he patted Zak on the head and smiled softly.
"Oh. No problem. I think I can handle Smiley over there," Vincent pointed at Clay.
"That is understandable" Zak smirked at him.
"Oh shut up Zak. At least i'm not on the fucking top of him crying for attention or vice versa." Vincent said rolling his eyes.
"Language, you muffin!" Darryl kind of yelled at him.
"Yeah yeah, whatever. Can you go now?"
"Yeah. See you." Zak said dragging Darryl with him.

"Finally." Vincent mumbled closing the door.

Vincent throwed himself on the bed taking a pillow and hugging it.

Sometimes they are so annoying. Both of them, i wouldn't do this kind of jokes cause i don't like them. This It's none of their business anyway, if I like him or not. Why do they care so much anyway?

"You know. You don't need to hug a pillow. You have a pillow person right next to you. Just saying." Clay said smiling.
"Yeah. I know." Vincent mumbled in the pillow.
"Huh? What was that?" he said moving closer to Vincent.
"I SAID I KNOW, HAPPY?" Vincent shouted cringing at what he just said.
"You don't need to shout. I'm next to you, you fucking idiot. Now you hurt my ears."
"Oh God. I'm sorry." Vincent threw the pillow away from him cupping Clay's face. "I'm sorry Clay. I didn't know you were right here."
"You still need a Green Card" Clay said slowly with sparkles in his eyes because of Vincent's face beeing so close to his.

Vincent just stood there with Clay's face in his hands watching him, slowly beginning to lay down. He saw Clay's red cheeks and then stoped, leaving his face back on the pillow.

What the fuck was I about to do?! Oh my good God. Was I about to kiss him? What the heck?


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