Chapter 2- trick or treating

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School felt like it would never end. I managed to make it home to find the house all decorated for Halloween. Mom was in the kitchen cooking some treats to give the kids.
"Hi honey how was your day?" She asked
"Well my popularity level hit rock bottom today but other then that things went just peachy." I say sarcastically.
Mom hardly laughs.
" Mom I just don't understand why you want me to always take Bella trick or treating."
"Honey ever since your father died, I just can't bring myself to do it. It's still to painful. It brings up to many painful memories. Besides you only have one sister and she needs you." Mom says.
I hug her and go into my room.
I see my costume lying on my bed.
"Mom did you pick out my costume?" I yell.
"'Nope I did." Bella's voice quickly answers, "do you like it?" 
" you want me to go trick or treating dressed as a... belly dancer?" I ask confused.
"It's an Arabian princess." Bella responds.
I smile. Even at 13 my sister knows how to make me look semi sexy for Halloween. I smile and shoo her out of my room so I can change. I change into my costume and come downstairs. My mom is snapping pics on her cellphone as fast as she can. She gets a couple of me in my costume and finally my sister and I head out to begin the candy hunt.
"Well which house should we hit first?" I ask Bella.
"Let's hit the mansions. They always give out the big candy bars." Bella says jumping up and down.
We go to the mansions and instantly we are loaded with big candy bars.
As the night progresses her bag gets more and more full.
While on one of the streets I see my neighbor Kyle.
"Hey Kyle!" I call.
"Well if it isn't Jazmine and a cute vampire." Kyle says greeting us.
"Trick or treat!" Bella says holding out her candy bag. Kyle dumps a handful of chocolate goodies inside.
" you look great." I say to Kyle.
" you don't look bad yourself." Kyle says staring at me. We both stare at each other. I see Kyles form shift as if something was dying to break out. My heart is beating fast and my chest is slightly heaving from breathing fast.
"Fuck I want you!" My mind says.
" are you two going to go out?" Bella asks.
We both laugh.
"Hey Kerri, come over later. I want to enjoy Halloween with you." Kyle says.
"Ok I will stop by later." I reply.
As bella and I walk away I glance back at Kyle, and my nipples harden instantly.
"He was staring at your bazoobies." Bella says.
I laugh. We continue trick or treating.
Finally it's about 9:00 and we have to start heading home.

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