chapter 1- The pain of halloweens past

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"Mom cmon! I always have something planned and then you ruin it!" I screamed as I came down the stairs for breakfast on Halloween morning. My little sister Bella was already eating breakfast and mom was making mine.
"Kerri we have already been over this a thousand times. You know I'm busy Halloween night. You always take your sister trick or treating. Besides you used to love doing it." Mom replies.
"Mom I was younger and actually got into the spirit. But I'm in high school now and my popularity is at stake here." I protested.
"Mom please let her go to her party." Bella said.
Even I was stunned to see my younger sister sticking up for me.
"Bella eat your pancakes. Kerri the answer is NO!
You are taking your sister out trick or treating and that is final. Now eat your breakfast and get ready for school." Mom said.
The stern look on her face told me that the conversation was over and I wasn't going to win.
As I trudged to school, I thought of all the parties I had missed. 7th grade there was a scavenger hunt that involved a huge candy prize on Halloween night. And where was I? Taking my sister trick or treating. 8th grade there was the Halloween ball. And again I was taking my little sister trick or treating. 9th grade, I had to take my sister trick or treating around the high school because Jack Frost decided to spoil the festivities and snow all day and freeze everything. 10th and 11th grade were both parties at the high school and I had promised my friends I would be there. Long story short, I don't have many friends anymore. I was always stuck taking my little sister trick or treating and I was starting to hate it. Now I was a senior in high school and once again I was stuck doing the trick or treating thing again.
As I got to school everyone was buzzing about the party happening that night. My friends Kayla and Margot pranced up to me excitedly.
"Oh my gosh can you believe it's finally here!" Margot said. Bouncing up and down in her sexy fairy costume.
"Party of the century tonight and your going to be there right?" Kayla asked.
Without replying I grabbed Thir arms and rushed them to the nearest girls bathroom.
" whoa what is the deal Kerri?" Kayla asked.
"Guys I can't go to the party tonight." I quickly reply.
"Wait what?" Margot replies somewhat shocked.
"Yeah my mom canceled me going to the party. I have to take my sister out trick or treating again." I tel them.
"Oh my gosh your kidding? On the night of perhaps the biggest party in Halloween history and you have to take your younger sister out to get candy? What a downer!" Margot says.
I nod in agreement. Margot prances out of the bathroom like a hurt child.
"Look this is the biggest party of the year and you can't miss it." Kayla says.
"I wish I could do something but there isn't anything I can do. I'm sorry." I reply.
"Look you try and make it even if you can only stay an hour." Kayla says trying to keep my spirits up.
"I can't. My mom said I can't go." I say sadly. Kayla storms out of the bathroom. I take a deep breath and walk out of the bathroom towards my locker.
So far halloween was a nightmare. Could the day get any worse?

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