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"Roman?" Virgil whispered softly as he looked over at the prince sleeping beside him. A small smile graced his lips as he slipped out of bed. Virgil stretched throwing his hoodie on as he walked over to the chair to put his shoes on. After finding Blue had been taken, Virgil had a small meltdown. Roman had offered to stay with him till he calmed down resulting in Roman ending up falling asleep. Virgil just stared at the sleeping prince as his smile slowly grew. "You're right Roman." Virgil beamed as he walked over to Roman's phone turning it off before walking out of the room. "Everything will work out." 

"THAT SON OF A BITCH!" Remy screamed as he slammed his hands against the glass. "Trapping me in an HOURGLASS?! When did I become Princess Jasmine?!" Remy screamed with rage as stepped back. He could see Emile's destroyed glasses just sitting in the dirt and everything just deflated. He had to get out. He had to save Emile. He had to stop him from doing something he'd regret. "REMUS, I'LL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS!" The sand shifted beneath him making Remy's eyes go wide. The sand moved? How... Remy smiled wide as he held his hand out. He watched as a small amount of sand slowly swirled around flying up into his hand until it formed a tiny version of his father. 

"I didn't think I could..." Remy laughed as he closed his fist destroying the small figure as he looked out towards the glasses. "You made the wrong choice putting me in with sand Remus." Remy narrowed his eyes as he slowly let his arms rise feeling his power surge around him. "I'm gonna make you eat it." 

Remy threw his arms out creating a large blast of sand to explode through the hourglass. The young sandman slowly walked out frowning as he picked up the broken glasses. Without Virgil, he couldn't exactly fix them. Which means he needs to go back to the castle. Remy sighed as he knelt down, letting the sand form into a cloud beneath him. He didn't even know what Remus did after attacking them. He had to find out more. He had to get help. Remy narrowed his eyes as he flew off towards the school. He had to find the others.

Remy sped through the air hoping to find someone at the school. He didn't quite make it there though. As soon as he flew over the garden he came to a screeching halt. His heart plummeted as he slowly descended to the ground letting the sand dissipate into the air, without leaving him. 

"Logan?" The logical one's head shot up and Remy felt his blood go cold. Logan's eyes were filled with such pain, as he held Patton tightly in his arms. "Is he..."

"Sleeping curse." Logan choked out as he looked back down at the prince. He held up a discarded cup passing it to Remy whose eyes went wide at the smell of cider. "I don't understand. Why would anyone..."

"Logan..." Remy tensed seeing the tears that fell from Logan's eyes. "Something happened to Remus. He attacked Emile and me earlier." Logan's eyes just narrowed as Remy showed him the broken glasses. "He has Emile with him, Lo."

"Would Emile have done this?" Remy sighed as Logan held Patton tighter. "Emile's the only one who has the poisoned apple recipe."

"Don't blame him. Even with his second personality, Emile wouldn't dare to..." Remy's eyes went wide as Logan started to shake. "Unless Remus forced him to. I'm telling you something is going on with him. HE TRAPPED ME IN A DAMN HOURGLASS!"

"Like Jafar?" Logan's face scrunched up in confusion as he tried to work through things. "He trapped you in an hourglass like Jafar did to Jasmine. He gave Patton poisoned apple cider. Like how his mother ate the apple... Why is he using things other Villains have done?"

"I don't know but... We need to find the others. Especially is Patton's been poisoned. He needs to go to Thomas." Logan nodded as he slowly picked himself up carrying Patton bridal style as he held the prince close. 

"The castle." Remy frowned as Logan gestured away from the school. "If Remus is attacking chances are Thomas will be with the royal family."

"Right. On it." Remy took his sunglasses off letting his power surge out again as he pulled the sand particles out of the air. Logan's eyes went wide as sand swarmed around them forming a giant cloud. Remy narrowed his eyes as he glanced behind him towards Logan and Pat. Patton was clutching a familiar yellow glove tightly as his face scrunched up. The prince was not having a very pleasant dream. Remy could see it. They had to get him help. "Deceit was with him."

"What?" Logan looked down nodding as he finally took the glove from Patton, passing it to Remy. "Right, sorry. I just didn't have the heart to take it from him."

"Where is he?" Logan frowned as he shook his head. "Logan, where is Deceit?"

"I don't know. When I found them Deceit wasn't well at all. He looked so sick." Logan shuddered as he held Patton tighter. "He wouldn't even tell me what happened, he just walked off the moment I took Patton from him."

"You don't think Remus did something to him too... do you?" Logan's eyes darkened as Remy's voice cracked. "I mean, Deceit's the love of his life... or at least I thought he was."

"Honestly Remy, I am unaware of what any royal is capable of. But if he is anything like the ones we have on isle..." Logan glared off towards the castle with this dark glint in his eyes. "I don't have much hope for him."

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