Mommy Issues (53)

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     The whirring of the train was but a background hum. The blinds were pulled halfway down to block out majority of the daylight. Soon they would reach the Temple of Godhead, the new version anyway.

     She looked down at Warrick who had his head lain on her lap. He was fast asleep, vulnerable and in her care. Her heart warmed with joy at the fact that he so easily put his trust in her, despite all the pain her presence has caused him.

     Aeress couldn't help but run her fingers through his hair. He was handsome, more boyish looking with his features relaxed. She was so used to his stern expression that she cherished anything beside that.

     Her tongue felt heavy and her throat was stuffed with cotton. "Warrick?" she whispered gently, leaning down and connecting her lips to his. As if never asleep, his hand came upon her locks and he pressed into her, responding to her kiss. 

    Their lips lingered before they parted from one another. He looked up at her. "Yes, Aeress?"

     She paused and wished this fear would leave her body. "Do you think she's alive? Do you think she could have returned just as Bakir did?" There, she finally said it out loud. 

     He sighed and sat up, pulling her flush against him. "I'm sorry, but I'm not sure." He pressed his lips to the side of her head. "But if she is, we will find her."

     She leaned her head against his shoulder. "I can't lose her again, it'll kill me," she whispered. "If he did find her and he did hurt her because he wanted to hurt me, it'd kill me, Warrick, it'd destroy me, I promise you that."

     His hand squeezed her arm. "You're not going to die, you'll get though it, you've done beautifully so far. Don't give this piece of shit any measure of power, you are above that. You told me that yourself."

     "I know. I know," she responded quickly, turning and burying her face into the side of his chest. "But... I just... I can't lose her again, understand? I can't even think about it without losing my mind."

     "There's one thing I can reassure you of, and that is that I won't lose you, no matter what happens next, you can depend on me."

     "If you were just going to move me to another cell, what was the point of moving me to begin with?" Bakir sneered from his position.

     "Do not even try to play dumb, it never fit you well," Aeress barked, her mood was black and lacking any measure of patience, "you know where we are, don't you?"


     "The home you ruined twice." For once she became calm, but in a way which threatened to disrupt at any moment.

     "I'm a creature of habit. You know what they say, if they cheat once..."

     Aeress didn't know how to react or feel anymore. "How could I have given birth to you?"

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