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First I seen a boot, then another. My eyes followed dark rip pants, then a black shirt with a leather jacket. Then a tan neck, finally I seen his face. There was a huge scar across his left eyes, his face was bumpy and not cute. This man looked so familiar. His eyes came in contact with mine, a smirk came across his mouth. I averted my eyes back to the table, placing my hands on my lap.

"What's wrong now?" Carter asked.

"N-nothing." I whispered softly and lower then what I normally talk.

Carter sigh with a confused face. Carter remained on his phone while the man sat in the booth behind me. I slowly tried getting my phone to tell Carter that the guy is giving me the creeps but before I could do that the sweet lady brought out our food. I kept my hand in my back pocket, she places my food in front of me and smiles.

"Thank you." I say.

"No worry." She said with a thick spainsh accent. I smiled one last time at her before glancing at my plate of food. She slowly walks away. I slowly kicked Carter under the table, he cocks up his eyebrow at me. I pined my head back, he stills isn't get it so I went back and forth with my head slowly. Carter looked forward, he stood up a little bit not making no sound.

"Shit." He whispered.

Now I was full on nervous, my fingers were playing with each other, my palms were dripping of sweat, my legs felt like jelly. A tear slowly streamed down my cheek, I felt a soft finger wipe it away. Carter kept his hand on my cheek, he was showing me to inhale and exhale, I followed his example. Carter tugged into his pocket, he pulled out a gun.

Oh my fucking god! Okay but let's talk about how he just touch me and we didn't have sex, not the time Bella.

I shook my head no, Carter's hand that was placed on my cheek now went to my chin. He caught my eyes.

"Run." He says loudly, I didn't waste no time I tried to run far from the table but I only got a few inches away from the table before I heard gun shots.

I curled in a ball on the floor, my head was tuck in between my knees. I was shaking in fear. After a few bullets and surprisingly I didn't get shot, I heard someone yell. I turned around thinking it was Carter but it wasn't instead it was the older woman. I quickly stood up and ran towards her, I placed my hand on her wound. She was bleeding a lot so I dug my hand against it harder, adding pressure. She was gasping.

"No no no no" I repeated over and over again. "You'll be fine." I whispered. The lady smiled with a warm touch, she slowly place her hand on top of mine.

I looked at her, she was still smiling but it was fading away. I stood up and ran towards the gun shots.

"CARTER." I shout.

Carter saw me and immediately shot the guy in the leg, the guy fell down. Carter then clanked his gun against the guys head, knocking him out completely. Carter ran towards me, his hands went towards my stomach where her blood was at. He thought I was hurt.

"No no. The lady, she was shot." I said while pulling his hand towards the lady. Carter got on his knees and ripped his shirt off and tried wrapping it around her but she stopped him. I stood there on my two feet, she glanced at him and smiled, she then smiled at me. Her hand fell from Carters arm, she was gone.

"No" I whispered. "I-i c-can s-safe h-her." I stutter with tears trailing my red face. I tried going towards her but Carter stopped me. He gripped my hips and pulled me back. "STOP IT." I shout.

"She's gone Isabella." He says emotionless. Carter picked me up forcibly, I kicked my legs hoping that he'll drop me. Once we were out of the sight of the lady he places me down.

I wasted no time and slapped him across the face, hard. "It's your fault she's dead." I said. Carter looked bored with my statement. His such a cold bastard. "I fucking hate you." I cried while slamming his chest with my fists.

Carter grabbed my wrist. "If you think I care you are mistaken. I rather it be ten plus old ladies then you. I would kill every old women in this fucking town if it means you'll be safe." Carter growls. "You can hate me as much as you want but your still alive that's all that matters." Carter whispers in a harsh tone.

His face was inches away from mine, his tuff face slowly relaxed, he loses his tight grip around my wrist. My blood was plumping through my head making me jumpy. I starred into his eyes, his eyes were my favorite part of him and his freckles. My hand slowly creeped up and tried to touch his freckles but his another hand caught mine before I could touch him. I bit my lips, it was like a child getting caught selling candy. He slowly lead my hand up to his cheek, I softly touched him. His eyes fluttered close, he was enjoying my touch.

I don't know what came across me, maybe it was my adrenaline kicking in but I slammed my lips onto his. Carter immediately wrapped his arms around my waist, his lips were demanding and fierce. I wanted to be as close as I possibly can, I held him from his torso and he held me from my cheeks. I matched his desire with my lips, his tongue wanted to explore my mouth and I gave him permission to. I pulled away slowly, starring into his dark eyes. His eyes were roaming my face, his eyes were filled with warmth for the first time.

"Isn't she your step-daughter?" A voice came from behind us, we both jumped and turned around. Carter immediately put me behind him. "Wow and I thought I was twisted." The guy Carter knocked out a couple minutes ago is standing with a gun pointing towards us.

"You know who I am?" Carter asked. I was shaking like crazy, once I heard Carter talk I yanked at his arm warning him not to talk, I was scared for him, I was worried for him.

"The famous Salazar. Who wouldn't know about the devil himself." The guy laughed. "You killed your father for the cartel business, you became a leader, you became the most powerful, dangerous creature on earth." The guy says. "Te veré en el infierno, Diablo."

"CARTER." I shout once I realized the words the man said in spanish.


My heart stopped once I heard the bullets go off. Carter pushed me back with all his strength making me fly across the room, slamming against the wall. Causing my head to hit the wall.

"Carter...." I whispered before the darkness consumed my body.

Another chapter for y'all.

Update on my life:
I know y'all might not care but I'm vegan now! I do NOT recommend, it's lowkey so freaking hard. Am joining the lacrosse team for my school. I have a new friend group.

Heartbreak background story: I was dating this boy for 3 years, he cheated on me with a friend of mine (I thought she was a friend) he kept this lie from me for a year and I barely found out. I was hurt and basically broken, I decided to get revenge but i fucked up my morals, it didn't help, it just made me feel worse about myself. I am now focusing on me and me only, I'm getting healthier for myself and I know one day I'll find someone who will love me and cherish me.

Thank you for all the messages and kind words❤️

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