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•Izuku Midoriya pov•

Kacchan dragged me out of the room and now we were in a room that was dark but the lights from outside was peaking from the window, giving the room some luminosity. I wouldn't  say I could see everything clearly but Kacchan seemed to be tense and so was I.

"Did you started fucking dating me to god damn play with me?" I hear and my eyes widen. "DID YOU STARTED TO DATE ME EVEN THOUGH YOU LIKE THAT FUCKING HALF AND HALF BASTARD? OR ALL THE OTHER FUCKERS IN OUR CLASS?" He yells and I flinch. "K-Kacchan No-"  I just finished  when he lets out his tear and a helpless sound.

My eyes widen yet again "Kacchan" I hugged him tightly. That's  when  I realized that I hurt him with  my behaviour. "Izuku..Please answer me.. Please answer me honestly" he says breaking down further. "Kacchan I was just teasing you because you seemed so protective and cute I promise I only love you Kacchan"  I say and he buries himself in my neck and I rub his back.

"I'd never choose anyone over you, I promise I won't joke about these things if  you don't  like it" I say and he nods softly. "I love you too Izuku" he says and smile and close my eyes before I feel a bite on my neck and my eyes widen. "K-Kacchan?!" I ask and He keeps on bitting and I bite my lip to hold back  any noise that may come out of my mouth. "Kacchan- st- stop" I barely say and he takes his time and pulls away, narrowing his eyes at my neck and smirking in satisfaction.

I shift shyly as the intimacy was making me a bit too excited. "This is your punishment, one for teasing me and making me anxious, two wearing this kind of clothes where others can see you being so god" his hot whisper next to my ear. "Three for loving me. We both know this isn't  just punishment. You like it don't  you Deku?" He asks and my eyes widen and I avoid eye contact and gulp. "Look at me" he demands and I obey.

I look deep in his eyes and his eyes were filled in hunger, desire but big fire of love. He smirks and stares at my face before kissing me deeply. It was as if I could breath again and I kiss him back just as deeply, holding  him close. I didn't  hold back nor did Kacchan wanted me to. I was right against the wall and Kacchan was getting very deep and close. I knew my face was burning and I knew I was letting out noises from pleasure now and then but it was as if It was Kacchan's fuel to continue.

Finally he pulls away, still looking at me while he panted and I smirked and rotate to get him against the wall, I press my body against his and His eyes widened. Yes I knew exactly what and how I want to do things even if at times it doesn't seem like it.

I start kissing Kacchan again and he wraps his arms around my body while I had my hands in his hair and on his cheek. Should I..? I think for a second and then acting clueless I move my hand from his cheek,to his neck, lower to his chest and I 'accidentally' rub myself onto him. He instantly shows reaction and moans into the kiss. Oh Gosh.. I felt so evil as I pull away soon after and Hug him.

Gosh Izuku..  I think to myself  when I feel my zip from behind getting opened and I make a poker face and the door opens suddenly with Kaminari and Jiro on the other side. "Uh..thought...we would check up..on you both-" Jiro says and Kacchan silently  zips up my costume back and Kaminari stood there with his face flushed.

Ugh They heard everything! I think and pout and Kacchan pecks me and smile. "That was too fast..for me to do I am so sorry. I'll  be as patient as you want me to Izuku" he says and I widen my eyes. Man he's so nice. I think and nod "thank you Kacchan"

I walk ahead with Jiro behind  Kaminari and Kacchan. "Soo you guys  made out?" Kaminari teases "YEA WE FUCKING DID. DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM DUNCE FACE?!" He yells and Kaminari smirks "aw come on man~ you can't  act all nice to Midoriya andd act so mean to me" Kaminari says and I smile "YES THE FUCK I CAN. DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING DOUBTS YOU DAMN PIKACHU?!" Kacchan yells.

Jiro chuckles "by the way,you both looked great kissing, you guys were so into it that you didn't  even realized that I took a picture. Wow the girls are going to love this" she says and I widen my eyes as she lifts her phone. My eyes widen, Jiro had taken a picture of me and Kacchan  kissing. Kacchan smirks "send me the picture later" he says and I gasp "Kacchan!" I say and He chuckles.

"What we look fucking great" he says and I pout. We get to the room and Jiro  instantly starts to show everyone the picture. The girls were instantly fangirling and The guys were  giving Kacchan thumbs up of approval. Kacchan grabs my hand and smiles. "The mark on your neck looks pretty good btw" he says and I widen my eyes as I touch  it and let out a yelp. "Kacchan you are  so mean!" I say and He chuckles. "It's  your fault" he says and I sigh in defeat.

We sit down and start to watch  the movie and soon it ended and some of us were pretty sleepy..and some were having 'paranoia after watching scary movie syndrome'. Momo was kind enough to give me a hoodie to sleep in. She gave me an over sized one for 'maximum girlfriend effect' and I didn't  bother to wear any pants..because Momo told me tho. So I just wore my underwear and The oversized hoodie that was yellow with puffy sleeves and it said 'Mini boss' on it.

Momo also decided to give me and Kacchan a seperate room  even though I insisted she didn't  have to. I enter the room, it was so big and Kacchan was in the bathroom. I give myself a glance in the mirror and sigh feeling my eyes heavy, walk to bed and throw myself on it.

Kacchan enters the room and smiles at me. I smile back and wave before smushing my face back into the pillow. He sits down on the bed observing me before laying down and pulling  the blanket and covering me with it as well. I let out a giddy chuckle and hugged  him tightly and He hugged back.

It was so warm and cozy and I drifed off to sleep  in the arms of my Kacchan.

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