zayn; breakup/makeup

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Personal #Imagine (Zayn Malik). Dedicated to @ardiananana_1D

You sat on the plush chair with your legs folded as you watched the tv's lights blare. An interview with your boyfriend's band was about to premiere. You were-for some strange reason-excited about this interview. Your boyfriend, well known as Zayn Malik, told you that he would be home as soon as possible for something special.

You and Zayn have been dating for a year now. You moved in together a while back and everything was sailing on smooth waters. Well, only one factor made the trip a bit bumpy.

Zayn never said he loved you.

You both knew you were in love and it was obvious. But you had never really said it to him or him to you. It was like it wasn't needed really. Though, you really wanted him to truthfully speak those three words.

Quickly, the five boys you had grown to love were each sitting in their own chair on the screen. The interview seemed pretty normal. The boys were having a blast with the interviewer, Andy, until he brought up a certain question which left Zayn holding a tight face.

"So who here has girlfriends?" Andy asked, placing a hand under his tan chin for support. Louis, Liam, and Zayn all let their arms rise. "What are their names?" Andy smiled.

"Danielle." Liam said proudly with a loving look in his puppy eyes. A smile reaped onto your face as he mentioned her with such adoration.

"Eleanor." Louis grinned. The smile had grown bigger at the care in his voice.

"Ardiana." Zayn said proudly. Your smile was stretched across your face at this point. Zayn looked into the camera and grinned, almost knowing you were watching.

"Do you love her?" Andy asked, more quietly, in general. Liam and Louis immediately nodding but, Zayn was stuck. The smile had erased itself from his face and there was no movement what so ever.

"Zayn, do you love her?" Andy asked to him with his dark eyebrows raising. Zayn bit his lip and shrugged.

"Not sure."

Those two words made your world come crashing down. You have been together with Zayn for a whole year and he doesn't know if he loves you yet?! Andy concluded the interview and you snapped the tv off. You bolted up the long staircase and into the room you shared with Zayn.

You slammed the closet open and pulled out your suitcase. Tears formed in your large eyes while you threw all your belongings in the big bag. You loved Zayn so much but he didn't feel the same way? Was over a year not long enough? You didn't care at this point. All you wanted was to get away from that...boy.

After a half hour of ranting to yourself and throwing random things in your suitcase, you zipped it up and made your way down the steps. But as soon as your foot hit the last step, the boy with the jet black hair had walked in.

When Zayn saw you, his mouth fell. He stormed over and grabbed the suitcase's handle from your grip and gave you a shocked look.

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