Chapter 58: Snap Out Of It

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Jasper lunged, then, his hands outstretched as he made move to tackle Colt to the ground.

Acting quickly, Aderyn snapped out with her own hands, grabbing one of his shoulders, while Jackson latched onto the other.

'Damn, damn, damn!' the muscular young man hissed, as everyone else let out their own cries of alarm. 'This is bad. This is really bad.'

Jasper struggled against their hold.

'What do we do?!' Kiley squealed, her eyes glazing over with unshed tears.

Ryn's mind was reeling with a hurricane of emotions, shock and fury being but two. She felt sick, just looking at her teammate's expressionless face, as he writhed under her grip.

'Dreamcatcher I need you to...'

Colt was cut off when, in a flash of light, Jasper tore free, his next movements much too fast for any of them to even glimpse.

That was until their young leader was sent flying backwards, with a pained growl, clutching at his stomach, as Jasper reappeared.

Quentin let out a short scream.

'What the Hell was that?' Colt coughed, staggering back to his feet.

'Uh... Lightspeed, I think,' Elizabeth cringed.

'Lightspeed? Since when could he move at lightspeed!?'

'I asked that same question, earlier. But watch out, mate, he's coming after you, again!'

At Jackson's warning, Colt dodged to the side, as Jasper charged him, once more.

'Radiance, snap out of it!' he shouted, ducking around with a single, fluid movement and tackling his teammate to the floor, pinning him there, with one knee on his back, and hands braced against both of his shoulders. 'This isn't you!'

It was one thing for The Silver Scorpion to have a human under his control. But a mutant? He had access to every ability they possessed....

Ryn, her thoughts straying too far in the wrong direction, shuddered at the idea of what would have happened if Colt had been the one who was taken... As it was, Jasper was giving them a hard-enough time, but if Monster was the one under the Scorpion's control, the rest of them would undoubtedly be doomed...

Almost thankfully, she didn't get more of a chance to ponder over that, when Jasper's body abruptly exploded with light, and Ryn was sent reeling backwards, shielding her eyes with the crook of her arm.

It took several moments for the blinding light to fade down, stars still dancing behind her vision.

But she had been distracted for long enough to let their Blanked teammate get amongst them.

Elizabeth had ghosted herself through the man, when he charged towards her, next, and Elliot jumped out of the road.

Ryn instinctively rose her wings to shield herself and, when he tried to jump for her next, disappearing in a blur of impossible speed, he bounced hard off of her feathers, sending them both sprawling to the ground.

'Radiance!' she shrieked, as he clawed uselessly at the glass covering her body. 'I know you're in there somewhere! Snap out of it, damnit!'

Someone hauled the man away from her, but a burst of light signalled another shift in speed.

Quentin screamed, loud and high, her body seeming to lock itself up with horror, as Jasper, acting as senselessly as a rabid dog, targeted her next.

Ryn pushed herself to her feet, racing to get the girl out of the road.

But Colt beat her too it, diving at the man, before he could even lay a hand on his sister.

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