Two || Hi My Name Is Vena

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After the short car ride to James's mom's house, we finally pull up to a very large red house. It had a big porch that goes all the way around the house, the roof comes to a point and there is an big bay window in the front of the house.

I get out of James's black Mustang and see he has already started to walking up the walkway, so I follow.

What I don't get most is that he owns a expensive Mustang and he wears clothes that I couldn't afford without selling both of kidneys. This kid is rich, why can't he buy or rent a house? I mean he could afford it, so why is he moving into my apartment?

It just doesn't make sense.

He opens the door the door for me and I walk in.

The house was absolutely beautiful. The living room walls are a dull red and the furniture was all black leather, the side tables beside the couch were dark oak and have funky shaped sculptures on top of them. A flat screen Smart TV sits above an electric fireplace on the wall.

Let me tell you one thing. These people are loaded.

"Mom, It's me! We are just getting the boxes out of my room and packing them into my car" He yells.

"Who is we?" A female voice speaks as she walks out of the kitchen.

Her brown long hair, that has a hint of grey in it glistens in the sunlight.

"This is we" He says motioning to me.

"Hi, I'm Vena" I say holding out my hand.

She takes it and slightly shakes it, "It's very nice to meet you, Vena; I'm Julia" Julia says.

I release her hand,"You too"

"So, are you two dating? or something?" She asks.

I scoff, "No, definitely not" I say in a amused tone.

"Mom, she is just helping me move my stuff to my new apartment" He says making it very clear that I am not his girlfriend.


"No need for the tone, Mister" She says snapping back at him.

He shrugs and Julia walks back into the kitchen, "Make it quick, James" She says from the kitchen.

"Okay, fine, fine" He groans, bored.

He turns to the staircase to go upstairs, "Come on, I didn't bring you here to admire my parent's house" He says walking up the stairs.

"Hey! No need for that tone, Mister" I say mimicking his mom.

"Got it" He says quickly.

The white carpet feels soft under my toes as I walk up the set of stairs. James walks up the door of the last bedroom at the end of the hall. He turns the door knob to reveal a huge room. The walls are plain with navy blue painted walls. A bed sat in the corner, which is bare. There is a double door walk-in closet on the left of his bed which is empty.

So I'm going to guess that all of these boxes that sit at my feet neatly on the floor are James'.

"How heavy are they?" I hesitantly ask.

"Why don't you find that out for yourself?" He asks as a smirk spreads across his lips.

"Fine" I say as I bend down to pick up the box.

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