5. Mattresses & Books

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With fear and traumatized by the fact only one of them was going to live, the seven shaken up friends sat in the room which contained the grandfather clock and the pictures of all the property owned by the Van Pelt kin. A few held their heads in their hands trying to process what in the world was actually going on. They all still kind of hoped they would all just wake up and realize everything was just a terrible fantasy that they had dreamt. But no one was pinching themselves out of it anytime soon.

The group sat in silence for a long time until the stillness was interrupted by Louis. “We’re all sleeping in mine and Ashley’s room. We have to stick together. No one is to be left alone at any time. Even if you’re going to the bathroom, have someone wait for you outside. Whatever it is that attacked Stephanie, is definitely powerful. I’m not saying we can fight it, but we can try our hardest to save each other.”

“But there’s no point Louis. If it wants us dead, we’re gonna get butchered either way. It might as well take the other one helping too as a bonus.” Carrie shuddered as the truth slipped out of her small lips.

“We have to try to stay positive.” Harry consoled her as he rubbed her back in comfort trying to believe what he had said himself.

Everyone went upstairs to their own rooms to retrieve their things and move them to the master bedroom. As Ashley held Louis’ hand and followed him to their large room, her stomach tied up into more knots if that was even possible with the previous tangles already existing inside her average frame, as they came across Stephanie’s door. Only a couple of feet behind the door rested Stephanie’s cold lifeless slaughtered body in a bloody scene. The image was still clear in her head. She couldn’t push it out as much as she tried to. Then again, what else was there to distract her? Her forthcoming death?

The bedroom was very dark even with the small lamps on either of the bed lit up in the dimmest manner. Ashley was very tired but couldn’t even think of sleeping in a haunted house where the room wasn’t comforting in any way possible and a friend’s dead body was lying in a bathtub across the hall.

“Here, you can wear my shirt to bed.” Louis handed her shirt which was bathed in his cologne scent with a hint of aroma of mint.

Ashley held the fabric close to her as this was the only that could bring her comfort for the night besides the owner of the shirt. “Louis?”


“I feel terrible about something.”

“And what’s that?”

“When Stephanie and I were upstairs earlier and we had our little argument, I said something which I regret.” Ashley could see Louis looking at her with a soft expression in his eyes motioning her to continue. “After those cruel words Stephanie said, I obviously got upset and told her I wish she would just disappear and get out of our lives. I didn’t actually mean it! I was just really angry and now I can’t take my words back and she’s actually gone!” tears quickly spilled out of her eyes as she regretted everything she had said as much as Stephanie made her dislike her.

Louis instantly took Ashley in his arms. “Hey, hey you can’t blame yourself for this at all. It was just a horrible coincidence.”

The rest of the group brought their belongings into the master bedroom. They randomly chose small areas in the room to make as “their own” to place their things. The five boys helped bringing in each of the mattresses bringing the bed covers and pillows along with them and placing them spread around on the floor of the master bedroom. After everyone changed into their sleepwear, they all lied down in their appointed mattress. Horrifying thoughts passed through each of their minds such as, was one of them going to be targeted while they were all fast asleep? As various thoughts occupied their minds and kept them up, one by one started to drift off to deep slumber from a long, tiring surprised filled day.

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