Chapter 5

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Timeskip to the next day
Shoki (POV)
My alarm clock goes off and I wake up.
Shoki- Good lord that was the weirdest dream yet. (Sits up) Oh looks like I slept naked again. Oh well.
I push off the covers and all I see it titty. I fall off the bed in surprise as the woman in my bed wakes up.
Shoki- Akeno?!
Akeno- (sits up) Shoki?
She stretches and all of her in her nakedness is in full view. I cover up my growing boner.
Akeno- Well good morning handsome.
She gives me a smile.
Indigo: Just look 👇

Indigo: Oh shit someone grab the tissues I think I'm having a nosebleed

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Indigo: Oh shit someone grab the tissues I think I'm having a nosebleed.
Shoki- Um good morning. I have so many
Akeno- I bet you do.
Shoki- Ok first off, how on the hell did you get in here? I mean did we Uh (clears throat) did we do the thing last night or something because if we did, I can't remember.
Akeno- Unfortunately no we did not but there's still time before school to fix that.
Shoki- I...I....Uh.....I
Akeno- (chuckles) Look at you. You're at a loss of words. You're so cute. So time to get into the important stuff. As you already know, I am Akeno Himejima and I am a devil. I serve under Rias Gremory as Queen if her peerage and you too serve underneath her now as well as your sister Uzume. We are all devils and so are you. Rias Gremory is your master. You are hers now.
Shoki-.......Ok this is a lot to take in but could you just cover up a bit. It's really distracting. In a good way I mean.
Akeno- Oh is that so? Then why don't stand up and come a little bit closer so you can get a better look.
She stands up and walks closer to be in a very seductive way.
Shoki- I.....I......I....I
And then as if luck was on my side, she trips on the covers and falls right on top of me with her jugs in my face.
Shoki *mind*- Dear lord, if this is a dream, please don't wake me up from this ever.
Just then I hear the door open and Uzume is standing in the doorway with a silent rage face.
Uzume- Akeno......what in the hell are you doing with my brother?
Akeno- Can't you tell? (Pulls Shoki further into her body and boobs) I'm just making sure my Shoki is doing all better after last night.
Uzume- Your Shoki?
Akeno- Mhmmm......Is that a problem?
Uzume- Yes now get off my brother!
Akeno- Fine.
She gets off of me and I eye down my sister.
Shoki- Uzume, do you mind if we talk privately please?
Uzume- Yeah sure (covers her eyes) Just put on some clothes will ya? I don't want to see your junk.
Shoki- Oh yeah. Still naked. My bad.
I hurry up and get dressed and leave the room so Akeno can get dressed. I find Uzume in our living room.
Shoki- Alright so do you wanna start explaining?
Uzume- Explain what?
Don't act dumb with me asshole. I know what you are. You're devil and now I am too. Why would you keep something like that a secret?! I'm your brother for fucks sake.
Uzume- If I told you, it would've put you in danger.
Shoki- (sarcastic) Yeah, a fat load of help that was. Nearly died twice within two days but still good job on your part.
Uzume- You don't got to be a fucking dick about it.
Shoki- Oh I don't huh? Well sorry but I'm hella mad right now. I know that you're keeping more from me. Devora or whatever that bitch's name was said I should blame "him" our parents and you for who I am. Just who am I?
Shoki- You can't tell me. Got it. I'll find out on my own then.
I shoulder check her as I walked back to my room to finish getting ready for school.
Indigo: Will that's the end of this one. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Later indigo fam. Peace.

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