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Roman frowned as he watched Virgil sleep. The smaller prince had bruising and raw skin around his wrists from where the chains where. It hadn't been long a day or two, but it was enough time for Remus to hurt him. Roman clenched his eyes shut trying really hard not to snap. 

"Roman?" Roman's eyes snapped open to see Virgil sitting up and just staring at him. "Are you ok?" Roman just sighed. Virgil was acting so strong but he couldn't hide to damage. Roman could see how badly he got hurt. How badly he had fought to get free... It hurt so much. "Roman?"

"I'm ok, love. I'm more concerned about you. You've been through quite the ordeal." Virgil smirked as he pushed himself up more.

"I'm from the Isle, Roman. I can handle myself. I'm not exactly weak." Roman laughed as he smiled over at Virgil, who was giving him a pout.

"Don't I know it. You beat the crap out of me with a wooden sword." Virgil's eyes widened a bit as he smiled.

"Well, maybe I should teach you a few things then." Roman rolled his eyes playfully as Virgil laughed.

"Ha ha... yeah, sure you can. After you've rest though, love." Roman stood up and stretched, wincing at how sore he really was. "You need to rest and get better ok. I don't want you getting sick."

"You're too sweet, Roman." Virgil's eyes lit up as he chuckled a bit as he laid down again. "Like a cupcake. A delicious chocolate cupcake... After that, I think I'll one. It's been a while."

"Yeah, sure thing Virgil." Roman frowned as his eyes went to one of the cuts on Virgil's face. "After I kill Remus that is..." He meant for that to be in his head but seeing as how Virgil sat up again it was obviously it wasn't.

"You can't kill him, Roman." Roman groaned as he plopped down on to the chair. Virgil frowned as he pushed shook his head. "He's your brother. Do you really want to?"

"He hurt you, Virgil." Roman grumbled as he looked away mumbling under his breath not that Virgil couldn't still hear it. "Plus he kissed you. I would've already killed him for that..." Virgil just shot him this look as he sighed. 

"You're gonna kill him over a kiss?"

"NO I'M GOING TO KILL HIM FOR HURTING YOU!" Virgil flinched as Roman's power flared out making his sound animalistic. Roman froze seeing the shock in his love as he struggled to reign himself in. "Sorry. I'm... I'm a lot like my father. I didn't mean to scare you."

"You've got the beasts traits?" Virgil narrowed his eyes in thought as Roman frowned.

"Yeah... and Remus has more of our mother's powers. He's able to manipulate the things around him like furniture and stuff... Forget it's not important! Virgil, I don't care if he's my brother. He crossed a line." Virgil just stared off towards a wall and frowned.

"Did he though?"

"HE HURT YOU! Not only that Deceit could very well be dead..."

"REMUS NEVER TOUCHED Cassidy!" Roman faltered as Virgil yelled out in obvious fear. "He never touched Caz. He said so. He just broke up with him." Roman frowned as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. He forgot not many knew about Deceit being a familiar. "He wouldn't do that. Not to Caz... He may be letting his villain side show but he would never hurt Cassidy."

"I know, Virgil." Roman frowned as he watched Virgil start to shake. "I know. He wouldn't do it on purposed... but he's not thinking clearly right now." Roman sighed as he laughed sadly at himself. "Actually neither of us are. He's in pain... I get that. I'm angry. I've never been good at reigning in my temper."

"You can't kill him." Roman rolled his eyes as he nodded.

"You're right. I can't... and I wouldn't. I may talk shit but it comes down to it... He is my brother. I would never be able to through with it. I just don't know what to do."

"We could try to save him?" Roman's eyes widened as Virgil shifted on the bed. "I mean you said he isn't thinking clearly. Maybe we could bring him back to senses?"

"I don't know, Virgil. This... This isn't like if I were to have snapped." Virgil's eyes narrowed as Roman frowned. "This is probably more like Emile... lossing his glasses. You remember how he was. You tried to get him to snap out of it and he poisoned you with his aura."

"So you're just going to give up?" Roman shook his head as Virgil crossed his arms. "According to you your brothers in pain, and you're just going to let him suffer? Is that the type of king you're going to be?"

"Of course not!" Roman clenched his fists as Virgil scoffed looking away. "I am not going to abandon my brother. I just don't know how to help him. I don't even know if he wants help."

"Of course he doesn't want help." Roman frowned as Virgil mumbled under his breath. "No villain wants to be saved. You don't give them a choice. So let's help him. Bring him back kicking and screaming..."

"I don't know." Roman hugged himself slightly as he looked away. "I don't want you getting hurt."

"Roman..." Out of nowhere, Blue came crashing through the open window scaring the shit out of the both of them as he chirped fast and erratically.

"Blue?" Roman frowned as he tried to catch everything that was being said. He couldn't get any of it thought. Blue wasn't his familiar. It was a shock Roman could understand him at all but considering Virgil could also understand Prince, Roman had to assume it was because of their close relationship. "Blue, calm down. I can't understand you. Virgil could you..." Roman froze up at Virgil cowered covering his ears as if the loud noise was scaring him. "Virgil?"

"I-I can't... I'm s-sorry... too l-loud." Roman carefully held blue as he brought him over to a nest Roman had for him and sighed. 

"You have to be quiet now, Blue." Blue chirped again and Roman narrowed his eyes as Virgil flinched. "Hey. Virgil? Why don't we go check out Remus's room then?"

"What?" Virgil's arms dropped as he shot Roman this confused look. Roman just shrugged as he smiled. 

"You said we had to do something. This was all I could think of. We can leave Blue here while we go look." Roman narrowed his eyes as he glanced around. "Actually now that I'm thinking about it. I haven't seen Prince in a while." Blue started chirping again, jumping up and down catching Roman eyes, as Virgil whimpered. 

"I don't care let's just go." Virgil jumped off the bed pulling Roman out of the room before shutting the door behind him fast. "I'm sorry, I just... It's too loud. Blue's probably so mad at me right now." Roman frowned as he pulled Virgil in hoping to help him calm down.

"It's ok, Virgil. You've been through a lot. None of us know what happened to you. It's going to take a while for this to get back to normal." Virgil smiled as he held Roman close. "I just want to make sure you stay safe. I love you, Virgil." Virgil laughed as he pulled away with a smiled.

"Let's get going, Roman."

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