Niall; fire

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Personal #Imagines (Niall Horan). Dedicated to @nisaloves1D4eva

This was it. This was the end. You were stuck inside and couldn't get it. You were too weak to even move and it was just getting closer and closer.

Just minutes ago, you had a mishap in the kitchen. This mishap created a fire. You tried to run out but the smoke was filling your lungs. A beam had fallen and landed on your foot. You couldn't escape the house. Your parents did but not you. And you wouldn't.

You closed your eyes and prepared for the ending. That was, until you heard your name being called between coughs. "NISA! NISA!!"

You knew that voice. It was your best friend Niall. He was part of the band One Direction and you didn't see him anymore. Its your imagination, it isn't real, he isn't here. "NISA!" the Irish voice sounded close.

You felt the beam being lifted from your foot. Two strong arms wrapped under your body. You nestled your face into your savior's shirt.

You suddenly lost the smell of smoke, fresh night air filled your lungs. You were placed onto soft grass.

"Wake up, Nisa." The soft Irish voice whispered. You weakly opened your eyes. They immediatly met the bright blue eyes of Niall Horan. You missed these eyes. "Niall?" You choked out. Your vision became vivid and you saw his features.

His old childlike structure was almost gone. His long blonde hair was shorter and messier. His brown hair peeking at the bottom. He was paled and had gray marks in spots of his face, due to the smoke.

"Yes, its me, baby." He whispered, pushing hair behind your ears.

"You saved me." You thought out loud. Your best friend Niall had saved you.

"I guess." Niall laughed softly. You noticed how close he was to you.

"Kiss me." You said bravely. You had the urge to feel his soft lips on yours. And soon enough, they were. You propped yourself up on your elbows, kissing him intently. His lips were warm, sending pleasant chills down your spine. His tongue soon skimmed your lower lip, asking for permission, and you gave it. He pulled back a minute later, his breathing heavy.

"I thought you'd never ask." Niall grinned, leaning in again for more.

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