Chapter 2

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I woke up in a bright room with the worst hangover ever, it felt like someone from Greys Anatomy tried to be an actual doctor and spilled gasoline in my brain during brain surgery.

I start to realize what happened and I look around to see girls prancing around in their underwear and a cake face of makeup.

I start to feel pain in my feet and it quickly spreads all over my body. I start to realize what has happened.

"Get up whore," I slowly turned my aching head as my body struggled to get up.

"What do you want from me?" I spat instantly regretting it as he slapped me, definitely leaving a red hand mark.

K. Note to myself, don't be your usual sarcastic bitchy self.

"Listen this auction had one girl missing. We couldn't find a replacement so we found you. You just happened to walk right by our car in time last night."

"You sick fuck. You took me for some fucking pageant?!"

He paused for a bit, "You ain't see nothing yet," he smirked.

"This is kidnapping."

"Then sue me," The man smirked as a bunch of ladies turned to me and started to do my makeup.

I felt disgusted. I was forced here yet I was disgusted with myself. I wanted to fight back but I didn't want to get hurt. The girls weren't forced here. I was the only one who looked like I was a high hobo.


What auction? The girl's doing my makeup seemed so dead. They looked expressionless and like they wanted to get this over with.

While I was stuck in my thoughts, I heard some guy in the corner speaking Tagalog!

No way!

Ok, I need to hide my accent. I don't know what kinds of trouble I could get into if I they knew I was Filipino so I hid it. This mans voice has a strong Filipino accent and was deep.

"Oo, Xian sa auction tyo."
(Yes, Xian were at the auction)

"talagang bibilhin mo ba ang kahit sino, sa oras na ito."
(Are you actually gonna buy anyone this time)

"Aye nako! Puki mo talaga."
(Omg! You are a pussy)

I was so focused on the conversation, I didn't even notice the lady beside me asking questions.

"Excuse me MISS?!"

This bitch.

I quickly cleared my throat trying to mimic an English accent the best I could and it sounded pretty good.

I gave a sarcastic smile as I straightened up.


Might as well fake it till you make it.

"Lea Adams"

"Age" she asked while obnoxiously chewing her gum





Ha. How typical.

The girl kept asking questions and I just answered emotionlessly.

I don't know why I was answering all these questions but I felt defeated. I felt like there was nothing left for me anymore. I. Was. Alone.

"Ok, last one," she spat, "how many times have you had sexual intercourse"

"Um..." I coughed.

"Listen you could have done it 100+ times I really don't care."

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