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As we walk away from the black lake, Cedric and I walk hand in hand with Harry, Ron, and Hermione close behind.

"All that moral fiber, eh?" Fred runs up to us.

"Blimey, even when you go wrong it turns out right." Ron huffs out.

"Well done, moral fibers." George pats Harry and I on the back. I roll my eyes and Cedric just laughs. As we reach the castle, Barty Crouch is waiting for us.

"Congratulations Potters, fine achievement. Well done. I'm sorry we haven't spoken, after all your story is one I've heard many times. Quite remarkable. Tragic of course, to lose one's family. Never whole again are we? Still, life goes on. And here we stand. I'm sure your parents would be very proud today." He says to us. Then Moody approaches us.

"Bartimus! Not trying to lure the Potters into one of the ministry's summer internships, are we? Last kid who went into the department of mysteries never came out!" After he says this, his tongue twitches on the corner of his mouth. Mr. Crouch takes a step closer to him. Then shakes his head and starts to walk away. "And they say I'm mad!"


"So I remember, I remember when I first met you all." Hagrid tells us as the four of us walk with him in the Dark Forest. "Biggest bunch of misfits I've ever set eyes on. Always reminded me of myself a little. And hear we all are, four years later."

"We're still misfits." Ron mutters.

"Maybe. But we've all got each other, and Harry and Mia of course." They all look over at us, who's walking a little further away. "Soon to be! The youngest triwizard champions theres ever been! Hooray!"

They walk along singing the Hogwarts song. Then my scar begins to hurt. I grab my head in pain, and look over at my brother. I see he's doing the same thing. Then on the ground, laying at the foot of a tree, we see Barty Crouch laying lifeless.

"Mr. Crouch?"


"A man has died here. And he omg be the last, you must take action!" Dumbledores voice growls. We hear th particularly loud conversation he's having with the Minister of Magic and Moody in his office as e approach it.

"I will not. In times like these the wizard world looks to its leaders for strength, Dumbledore."

"Then for once, show them some."

"The triwizard tournament will not be cancelled." Fudge declares. "I will not be seen as a coward."

"But surely that is right, no matter what others think."

"What did you say? What did you say to me?"

"Excuse me gentlemen." Moody interrupts them. "It may interest you both to know that this conversation is no longer private."

Mad-Eye swings the door open, and they see Harry and I standing there. We enter the office.

"Harry! Mia! Good to see you again." Fudge says to us.

"We can come back later, Professor." I tell Dumbledore. Completely ignoring Fudge.

"Oh no, not necessary, Mia. The minister and I are done. I'll be back in a moment. After you, minister." He directs Fudge out of his office. Before he leaves, he looks back to Harry and I. "And Harry, Mia, feel free to indulge yourselves in a licorice snack in my absence. But I must warn you, they're a little sharp."

We are left alone in the room. Finding the snack bowl, Harry puts his hand in it and takes a handful. Then they turn into small creatures which nips at his hands. I roll my eyes and take out my wand.

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