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"Amazing. Amazing." Neville exclaims. As the three of us sit by the black lake doing homework.

"Neville! You're doing it again!" Harry says to him, annoyed.

"Right. Sorry."

"Harry leave him alone." I scold my brother. Then glance at the book he's reading. "Magical water plants of the highland Lochs?"

"Moody gave it to me. That day we had tea." He says and then waves as Hermione and Ron walk up to us.

They stop and Ron whispers to Hermione. It's clear that Ron and Harry and I aren't on speaking terms. Then Hermione walks closer to us.

"Ronald would like me to tell you, that Seamus told Dean who was told by Pavarti that Hagrid was looking for both of you."

"Is that right? Well..." as I try to make a snarky comment back to Ron I try to wrap my head around what she just said. "What?"

"Uhhh...." she runs back to Ron and he whispers something to her again. Then she comes back to us. "Dean was told by Pavarti that... please don't ask me to say it again? Hagrids looking for the both of you."

"Well you can tell Ron..." Harry begins.

"I'm not an owl!" Hermione exclaims and runs off. I look to my brother.

"She's right. Ron may use her as one, but that doesn't mean we have to." I sigh.

Later that night I head to my dormitory to grab my fathers cloak. Hermione is there.

"Hey." I say to her.

"Hi Mia."

"Look, Harry wasn't trying to make you feel like an owl."

"I know, I lost my temper." She looks down. I move to sit next to her on her bed.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"That my brother and I put you in a tight spot. Our fight with Ron has nothing to do with you, and I know how you feel about him." She opens her mouth to argue my accusations but I stop her. "Just don't. I know you like him. Which is fine. Amazing, actually. I just hate how we're not all friends like we use to be."

"Me too. It's exhausting making sure you're not all in the same place so that you don't fight."

"Do you reckon he'll forgive me if I apologize?" I ask her. "I know I said some hurtful things, but so did he."

"Perhaps, I don't think he actually believe you two out your names in the goblet of Fire. Maybe he did at one point, but not anymore." She reassures me. "Maybe if you did apologize first, he'll do it too. You know how boys are."

"They never like to admit when they're wrong."

"They're often filled with pride." She smiles. I stand up with my fathers cloak in hand.

"Well, I've got to go meet Harry so that we can go to Hagrids." I start walking out of the room. "Goodnight, Hermione."

"Night Mia."


Harry, Hagrid, and I are walking through the dark forest.

"Did you bring your fathers cloak like I asked?" He asks us.

"Yeah we brought it. But Hagrid, where are we going?" Harry asks.

"You'll see soon enough. Pay attention this is important."

"What's with the flower?" I ask, and then look at his hair. It's a bit tighter then it normally is. "Hagrid, have you combed your hair?"

"As a matter of fact, I have. You two might want to try the same thing now and again." Hagrid states. I'm about to say something back, but then we hear animal noises. And a woman calling for Hagrid.


"Oh, the cloak. Put the cloak on." He tells us and we do as he says. "Bonsior Olympe."

"Oh Hagrid, I thought you weren't coming. I thought, perhaps, you'd forgotten about me."

"I'd never forget about you Olympe."

Harry and I look to each other with disgusted faces.

"What is it you wanted to show me. When we spoke earlier you sounded so exhilarated."

"You'll be glad you came. Trust me."

Then a dragon roars. Shooting flames out at the trees surrounding it.

"C'est magnifique!" She looks at them interestingly. "Can we get closer?"

She moves closer, but Hagrid stays behind. Harry and I take the cloak off and stare, horrified at the sight. We look up to Hagrid.

"Dragons?" We both question.

"That's the first task? You're joking." Harry states.

"Come on, Harry. They're seriously misunderstood creatures." Then two catch our eyes. They breath out fire in fury, and I can see the anger in their eyes. "But that horntail and vioertooth are nasty pieces of work. Poor Ron nearly fainted when he saw them."

"Ron was here?" I question.

"His brother Charlie helped bring them over from Romania. Surely, he told you that." Hagrid looks confused.

"No he didn't." I say. "He didn't tell us a thing."

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