Chapter Eighteen: Intruders

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I was alone in my room, my heart skipping a beat of what could be happening outside. I felt the urge of getting up and just even take a single glimpse outside of what's happening. I bit down on my bottom lip and clenched both of my fist and hoped for this uneasy feeling to go away, but it only grew worse as the clock ticks. Its like my brain is going to explode in any seconds now, like the engine in my brain is smoking. Fogging up the whole room with my unbearable thoughts, I was overthinking too much.

My clenched fists began to sweat and my eyes became teary, I was too overwhelmed with this horrible way of thinking. I felt like I was getting tortured silently, tortured by my own being. I moved my hand to the soft blanket I was covered in and clench my sweaty palms on it and pulled it off. I slowly got up, feeling a slight dizzy.

My feet touched the ground, it felt cold to the touch. As I slowly got up with my whole body, I held onto the bedside table for extra support. Then, it hit me. The slight dizziness came to me like a flash of lightning as my head began to pound extremely, my body wanted to be laid back down but I refused.

I held on tight on the table and felt like crying from the unbearable pain in my head. It was like someone was hitting my head with a hammer over and over again. I gritted my teeth and came closer to the wall as I made it my own support just to stay up.

Okay (y/n), you can do this. I finally reached the doorknob and before I could twist it open, I heard a loud gunshot and running footsteps just outside the door. I opened the door and was met with and injured Zach, laying on the floor just beside my door. I gasp and got down and made him look at me.

His eyes were wide and open in fear, not for him, but for me. "(y/n), run. Get out of here!" he said, pushing me away. I looked at the one in front of him, I didn't know who it was for it has a mask. He looked like a man though, but I do not know who it was.

Fear took over me as I plea. And to my surprise, he began to lower his gun down. Does he have a surprise attack? Heaven's no. I can even barely walk from this pain in my head. And from my far expectations of what is going to happen, he pulled off his mask to reveal a young boy staring at me with wide eyes.

He took a step closer, making me flinch. "(y/n)?" he said my name as if he knew me. "W-who are you and what do you want from me?" I asked, trying my best to hide the fear in my quivering voice but I clearly did a horrible job at it as I stumbled with my own voice. He took another step closer and gave me a smile, "I'm Sebastian," he said and began to come closer. "(y/n), run already, please." Zach plea with his faint voice.

I looked at Zach, my eyes teary. I sigh and got up and began to run, my head pounding ten times worse as my surroundings began to become a blur, making me stumble and lay on the cold wooden floor. I shut my eyes close, wanting to just wake up from this horrible dream. I heard gunshots coming from another way of this awfully big mansion, making me shake.

"Do not be afraid (y/n), we're just here to get you. To make you safe." said the man named Sebastian. I opened my eyes and saw him kneeling beside me, smiling as if all this chaos is nothing. "W-who are you?" I asked once again. "I'm Sebastian and that is all you need to know...for now," he chuckled. "Simon and the others are here, and we're going to get you out of this monstrosity." said Sebastian, my eyes lightened when I heard him say his name.

Just then, I heard a voice coming from his radio. "Sir, we have to leave! The others are already down and its impossible to fight too much. We must abort!" said the man. Sebastian took my hand but I refused, "No. Take Zach, he needs healing. Please, leave me if you must. I can manage. Just take Zach,. please." I plea and plea. Sebastian frown, "But-" I gave him a smile, as if I felt connected to him.

"Please, he had helped me so much. And I do not want to see him suffer." I frown as we heard running footsteps coming this way. Sebastian sigh and nod, "We'll come back, we promise...big sis." he said, making me confused but gasp at the same time. Big sis? I saw as Sebastian took Zach's unconscious body. It made me question of how muscular Sebastian is, especially when he's young.

Just then, I felt someone holding my hand. It was Leo, he knelt by me and looked into my eyes. He sigh in relief, "Are you hurt, love?" he asked and I didn't respond. "Vien, take her to her room and clean her up. Make sure to treat her head and don't even try killing (y/n)." said Leo as he walked away. Vien held me, her sudden action making me surprise.

For a girl, she's really strong. But then again, from her get-up she looks like a female samurai with her red kimono on. I took a glimpse at Leo's back and saw his hand and pants stained with blood, making me cringe from what must've happened to those poor people.

But a thought gave me hope, a glimmer. Simon is alive.

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