Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite boy band? What about having a conversation? Well, I had more then that.

It was a typical day for plain 'ol me. Just regular school, nasty regular lunch, and horrifying teachers. But, it all changed when Mindless Behavior came up to my school.

And..we got locked in a room...together.


Your POV

I woke up the sun shining in my face and the birds chirping outside.

"Fuck you stupid birds" I grumbled, tossing the covers off of me and making my way to my bathroom.

I quickly took a shower and unwrapped my hair and put a few curls in it to try and make myself at least look a little decent. (outfit in external link. ignore picture and description).

I walked down the steps and found my mom in the kitchen making pancakes

"Morning ma" I said, sitting at the island in our kitchen

"Morning Yn, here's your food" She said, passing me a plate filled with pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

I quickly ate then kissed my mom bye. I then grabbed my keys and walked out the door to my car.

~At School~

"Shit!" I cussed under my breath, forgeting about dance practice today and our big performance for some special guest

I power walked to my locker and quickly put in my combination as i searched for my emergency shorts and dance shoes. 

"Ugh , really" I said as my books fell out of my locker

I quickly bent down to pick them up when I felt a boy grab my waist and pull my butt up on him. I turned around and saw Justin looking down at me, biting his lip.

"Hey Justin" I said, standing up and giving him a hug

"Damn Yn , yo booty getting big" He said, grabbing my booty

"Ikr im thick fasumm" I laughed, turning around and closing my locker

"Oh hey do you know who's coming today?" He asked me

"No , do you?" I asked him, folding my shorts and putting them and my dance shoes in my bag

"Yeah but Maya will tell you. I gotta go I'll see you later"

"Okay b-" Justin cut me off my kissing me passionately before running down the hallway to class

Yes, Justin Combs is my friend with benefits if you want to say that. Not everyone can say that they can kiss Diddy's son whenever they want to.

I laughed and hurried to dance practice.


"Yn your late! Hurry up and change" Our dance teacher Ms.Tiffany yelled at me

I ran to the dressing room to find my bestfriend Maya putting on her shorts.

"OMG!" Maya screamed when she saw me, running towards me trying to put on her shorts and eventually falling on her face

"Ouch" She said, laying on the ground

After laughing for about 5 minutes I finally helped her up and brushed the dirt off of her cheek.

"I was gonna tell you that Mindless Behavior are coming up here today to watch us perform and help raise money for our fundraiser"

"OMG really?" I screamed , jumping up and down

"Ladies!" Ms.Tiffany yelled, barging in "You all took too long, its now time to perform. Hurry up and put on your costumes"

She walked out and we silently laughed as we changed yet again.

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