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jackduff this should be illegal

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ryanbeaumont so was this took after sex or before?
                  jackduff how about during?
                  ryanbeaumont okay then

brooklyngibwyatt Mikey looks tiny 😢, he's not small wtf
                               jackduff totally doesn't sound you're talking about his dick 😂
             brooklyngibwyatt Ah I MEANT HEIGHT @mikeycob NOT DICK SIZE
                mikeycob I know Brook

AFovvs I feel bad for all your followers 😑
            jackduff they probably get off to this shit (better not be 🤬)


Jack's POV

"Jack?" Mikey whispered
"Yea baby" I replied softly, we were snuggled up on the hotel bed both naked after our multiple activities that night.
"I love you" I chuckled lightly.
"I love you so much cob" He whined at the nickname as he tried to cuddle further into me but failing becuase we were already unhealthily close.
"Can we get married?" Mikey shocked me with this as it came out of the blue.
"I guess so baby but I want it to be romantic"
"I know"
"what made you ask that?"
"Seeing harvs post"
"You want us to get engaged first or leave it for harv and sonny?"
"Take your time and if we manage to do it first then that'll be amazing" He said chuckling.
"We'll see but right now we're going to sleep." Mikey had other plans though apparently as he got up and straddles my hips, our cocks slightly rubbing together making me moan out.
"Can we not do another round?" He asked innocently and smiled sweetly as he started grinding his hips onto mine. I said nothing except pulling him into a harsh kiss.


The start of this chapter messes up a little with the placing of words and shit because I'd wrote out the whole chapter and then the photo messed up 

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