Chapter 8

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  (Third Person POV)

    BEN and (Name) stood in front the Slender Man Mansion. (Name) was scared and surprised that she was here. (Name) only read about the Slender Man Mansion in her stories, but she never thought that she'd end up there one day.

  (Name) only wished to go, but she thought that she didn't have what it took to be a Pasta or a Proxy to Slender Man. But now, (Name) actually gets to experience this herself now.

  BEN was just staring at her in confusion. BEN nudged her and said, "Hey, are you ok?" (Name) snapped out of her daze and replied with, "Y-Yeah, I-I'm fine."

  BEN raised an eyebrow, "About what?" She just stared wide eyed at BEN.

  'WHAT?! Am I supposed to just tell BEN  that I dreamt of this moment, without mentally fangirling?!' (Name) panicked.

  "Well... I'm waiting." BEN said raising and eyebrow. (Name) sighed and hesitantly responded, "W-Well... I was just thinking about how I dreamt of this m-moment. But, I-I never always thought that I was never going to be good enough to be a Pasta or a Proxy. And I still think I don't have what it takes."

  'What is happening to me?! Why do I feel bad for her?! Why the HELL do I even care?! I'm a killer for heavens sake!' BEN mentally scolded himself.

"BEN, are you ok?" (Name) asked worriedly. BEN shook his head violently and replied, "Y-Yeah, I-I'm fine." (Name) slowly nodded.

  BEN hesitantly went to (Name) and gave her somewhat of a hug. (Name)'s eyes went wide. But, she just shook it off and slowly melted into the awkward hug, wrapping her arms around BEN'S waist.

  "Thanks, BEN. I really needed that. Sorry if that felt so awkward to you." (Name) smiled nervously. BEN shook his head 'no' and said, "Nah, it's fine. It's just that I don't really know... how to comfort someone." (Name) nodded her head in understandment and replied, "Hey, it's ok. I understand. You guys focus on killing and on your own lives. I get it. Well... maybe not the killing part... but... you know what I mean."

  BEN smiled softly at (Name). "Thanks. So... shall we go inside?" (Name) took a deep inhale and a deep exhale, gathered ALL her courage and replied, "Yes, I'm ready."

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