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•Izuku Midoriya pov•
We were all done with the truth and dare and  now we were planning on watching a horror movie but before that Mina got an idea. "MOMO your parents have clothing business righhht?" She says and Momo's face lights up "Oh MY God that's  a brilliant idea. Since Halloween is so close there are lots of costume available.  I'll  ask  the worker to bring some costumes for the guys as well. You guys should dress up and we girls will be right back". She says.

The girls walk out and I follow.
We reach the basment of the huge mansion Momo was living in. It was filled with huge boxes and one of the box was being carried out. We all gasp and Momo smiles "choose whatever you like". "W-WHAtEvEr?!" Mina says and Momo nods.

Mina cheers  and runs to the boxes along with other girls and I felt overwhelmed by all the boxes. I start going through but everything seemed like things that just wouldn't  suit me. Too girly, too skimpy, too short and the list went on. I sigh in defeat and turn around to see everyone in their costumes.

My eyes widen "W-WHEN DID YOU GUYS  CHANGE?" I ask in suprise "well there are changing room here soo" Uraraka says as she was wearing a maid outfit, toru was in a unicorn onesie as a unicorn, Tsuyu in Luigi costume, Jiiro was dressed  casually like a  pirate and it suited her so well and finally Momo was dressed as a witch and I stood there with a poker face.

"Having trouble?" Mina asks and I nod "welll Now you have someone to impress Midoriya so you better glamed up" Uraraka say and I chuckle "Well I must've impressed Kacchan  that's  why he is dating me..or else you know him" I say and they chuckle "that's  true but you know what we mean" Uraraka says and I nod.

They all get to work and then Mina brings out the 'perfect' costume. It was a tight  police outfit. I widen my eyes "noway its probably way too tight-" I say but Momo smiles "atleast try it" she says and I sigh getting in.

It fit just fine. I zip it up and wear the heel shoes and cap they have given me and come out. "Woww" they all say. I gulp and look myself in the mirror. Wow I actually look amazing. I give myself a spin "Hey give Bakugo as much  of attitude as you can" Mina says and I chuckle "I do love teasing him" I say and she chuckles "Make him jelly" Toru says making her voice sound evil and I let out a chuckle. "Not too much though, he gets scary" Tsuyu says and I nod being hit by a wave of determination and friendship.
"alright LETS GO" Toru says and I gulp "I forgot about that part-" I mumble to myself and Uraraka smiles at me reassuringly at me.

Mission make Kacchan act like a protective hen begins!

The girls give me a nod of 'we have work in our hand' and we enter the room.Kaminari was dressed as Pirate matching with Jiro and I smile at them. I ship it!! Kirishima was dressed as a waiter and Kacchan  was dressed as a werewolf,,a pretty handsome one honestly, other guy were dressed as different things. Kacchan's eyes went from my eyes to my lips to my body and I narrow my eyes and roll them making sure he had seen it.

Pff- why Am I so evil? "Let's  watch the movie?" I say and instantly I felt a hand hold on to my hand. I look at the hand holding mine and give the guy who this hand belonged to a glance. "Kacchan let go of my hand" I say and pout and He narrows his eyes already getting quite protective "shut up Deku" he says and I sigh lightly.

•Bakugo Katsuki pov•
Fuck..fuck fuck she looked so good. Does she not realize that? I can't  believe SHE,this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is mY GIRLFRIEND.
The curves of her body were being represented extremely well in the costume.

I look at her and she rolls her eyes. What??
I grab her hand but Jiro comes and take her away and I frown to myself. Why do I feel weirdly anxious? Am I fucking dumb?

•Izuku Midoriya pov•

Jiro hurriedly  walks to me and grabs my hand "Come onn sit with us Midoriya! Sorry Bakugo but we are going to have to borrow your girlfriend" she says and I nod making him leave my hand. He was sulking. He looked so adorable Gosh I almost felt guilty.

I sat next with Jiro and the other girls were next to her though to my right was Sero. The movie starts and the snacks started to get eaten. It was pretty fun. I give Uraraka an evil look and she raises an eyebrow with a smirk. I cling to Sero's side. "Huh are you feeling scared Midoriya?" He asks and I nod pouting. "It's  Fine! I'll  protect you if anything pops up" he says and gives me a proud fist to his chest and keeping me  close.

"Grr" I hear from  my further right" I knew who it belonged to and I chuckled to myself. We suddenly get a jumpscare and It genuinely scares me and I hide my face in Sero's chest as he held me tightly as well. Mina smirks and takes out her phone "goshh I know Bakugo and Midoriya are dating but you two look so cute too~" she says and takes a picture. "SHUT UP RACOON EYES" Kacchan says and gets up and I silently let go of Sero gulping. Kacchan grabs Sero by the collar of his shirt. Shit.. He growls and Yank him away and leaves him. "K-Kac-" He gives me a glare that makes me silent instantly. "Come with me. Right. Now." He says and I sigh apologizing to Sero and leave with him.

I would say I was in trouble. But not the kind I wanted.

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