Nothing is certain

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A drop of sweat rolls down her forehead. Before she even got the chance to wipe her sweat, another sword was swinging in her direction. Ducking a few inches down, Maggie moves further away from the sword. Her teeth are making some little unpleasant sound as she smiles, they were pressing hard against each other.

"Stay still would you, Sawyer?", Sam said while swinging her sword once again towards the lady in a suit.

Ducking really low to the ground, Maggie makes a smooth roll to be a few meters away from the noble.

"Why don't you stay still, Arias?"

The lady in the suit throws her sword toward Sam. Bending her back real quick, the sword went passed her eyes. It was one centimetre away from the noble's face.

Sam glares at the lady in front of her.

"I'm very tempted to shoot you now."

As Noble as her blood, Sam dropped the sword she has in her hand. Since Maggie is not holding any weapon, it would only be fair if she doesn't use her weapon too.

Instead, she pulls out a flask from her side pocket. Without any hesitation, the noble lady drinks a full gulp of liquid inside the flask. She then kindly offers the flask to her opponent.

"Oh, trust me, Arias. I'm also very tempted to blow a cannon on your face now."

Maggie smirk. Noble... Noble... Well, it's not that often she could taste expensive alcohol. She took the flask from Sam. Glancing one last time before drinking a gulp of the flask's contain. Not even one second after that Maggie immediately spit out what she just drank.

"Ew!", she complains.

Sam chuckled.

"Hey, that was expensive!"

"Who the fuck puts tea inside their flask?"

The noble lady merely shrugs at the question.

"I didn't lie though. That tea was expensive. I got it shipped straight from China."

Maggie had to snort at the comment.

"I live in China. Believe me, it's not that expensive."

She indeed had lived most of her life in China. Rarely went out, the lady in a suit only allowed to travel outside the country when it involved business. Her father close relationship with May's parents made it easier for her to get a job.

May. The one brat should arrive today. Just the thought of the lady makes Maggie furrowed her brows. May had never been good with rejections so when her engagement was cancelled, it was a horror for everyone at their headquarters office in China.

"The shipping and everything added the cost, Sawyer. I have a trading company, I know.", Sam felt the need to show off.

Under different circumstances, these two would have been sipping tea in the Arias' garden. It was always like this. They only met a few times before but every time that happens, they would be fighting head to head for a girl. After realising how ridiculous they are, Sam would usually give up... But not this time.

Alex is special. She can feel that so instead of weeping her tears on what should have been, the noble lady would fight for the maid.

Sam bend down to pick up her sword. Clinching the handle a little too tight, she swings it as hard as she can in the air. Aiming nothing in particular. Simply, practising her arm.

"About Alex... I'm not going down without a fight."

Maggie is a little surprised by the sudden statement from her frenemy. The corner of her lip curls up a little. She walks toward her sword that was lying a few meters away from Sam. No word was said, she picked the sword up. Glaring at her opponent, Maggie grin.

"Oh, I'll go down, Arias. I'll go down on her.", the lady in a suit winked.

Sam's face flushes a little before she swings her sword toward Maggie.

"En garde!"

Warned the noble lady before swinging her sword side by side to find any opening to land an attack. Maggie knew this. That is why she is blocking the sword with her own sword. Their movement is so in sync, it was almost as if they had planned it.

Not that far away from their battleground, Kelly is laying quietly on the green grass below a big oak tree. She is far from interested. Closing her eyes with her palm, the assistant sigh. Although she can feel the gentle breeze hitting her face softly, she finds it hard to focus on her environment.

Once again... A brunette maid with a bob haircut appears in mind. She keeps reappearing lately. A small smile would be formed on her face whenever she thinks of the brunette.

It had been 2 years.

2 years since she fell in love with the maid.

The assistant was visiting her brother when her eyes caught a glimpse of the gorgeous brunette from across the room. She never gets the courage to talk to her.

Look what happen now, two very powerful ladies are head over heels for the brunette and here she is, slowly drowning in her self pity.

What does she have compared to her noble employer, Samantha Arias and the brave, Maggie Sawyer?

Kelly sighs.

"If only I had said something to her..."

"Now, now... This is interesting."

Hearing the unfamiliar voice, Kelly's eyes immediately widen! She turns to her right. A girl dressed all black with an eye patch is looking at her with a weird smile.

"Who the hell are you?"


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