tenya iida

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"What the fuck are you doing?" you grimaced at the sight of your boyfriend lying on a yoga mat following the steps from the yoga video on the tv.

Tenya rolled off the mat and sit crossed-legged changing the channel. He turns his head towards you with a poker face acting as if you saw nothing but the yoga pants, headband and tank top were obvious.

"'Sup!" he said as cool as possible.

You snorted.

"I can't unseen what's been seen," you spat as you set your handbag on a table nearby and went to sit beside him.

Tenya's face reddens but he still kept on the same facade.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he crossed his armsㅡ eyes still glued on the television.

You raised a brow.

"The yoga pants, the headband and that tank top is obvious," you pointed out.

"It's my new hobby," he mumbles.

You leaned in closer to hear clearly.

"Ha?" you asked.

"My new hobby," he said raising his voice a little.


"People have hobbies," he groaned.

"I know,I know.... it's justㅡ" you covered your mouth, "It's so unlike you!"

You burst out laughing. His whole face heats up to his ears. He shouldn't have done yoga in the living room had he known that you'll be home early today.

He grabs your face to make you look at him. Tears were visible in your eyes as well as the redness of your cheeks. You were still laughing.

"What about that time when you secretly wear cat ears and a maid costume?" he questioned.

You stopped laughing.

Eyes widen.

Ears turn red.

"Y-YOU SAW THAT?!" you screamed in horror.

A smirk played across his lips. You grab a hold of both of his wrists pulling them away as you collapse onto his chest burying your now tomato face.

Tenya's laugh linger in your ears. You bit your tongue trying as hard as you can not to scream. It was two years ago that you secretly bought that horrifying costume. Your workplace was having a costume party and one of your seniors voted for the cat ears and maid costume for you. You hated the idea but you also wanted to try wearing it (one last time after the party) in secret at home before returning it for once.

Tenya was supposed to be working but you didn't know he was home and now two years later he finally told you something you didn't expect he'd saw.

"Fucking hell," you cursed.

"You're lucky we don't have kids," he said.

You lift your head up, "Don't make me say it!" you hissed.

"Fine fine," he grinned.

You let go of his wrist and put your face in your hands sobbing.

"I can't believe--" you exasperated.

"You're such a cutie," he pulled you in a tight embrace.

"Shut up!"

He laughed.

"My cutie."


an uwu because monsta x's comeback this month is lit! any monbebes out there? just me? ok. :"D

anyway, so i wanted to write some fluff and here's the fluff. hope you enjoy the update and stay tuned for more.

thank you for reading!

i'm also thinking of accepting requests since idk who to write next. so do leave a comment. (REMINDER: MALE CHARACTERS ONLY. NO PAIRINGS. THIS IS AN 'X READER' ONE-SHOT)

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