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"And let me tell you... being bad is sooo good." Remus giggled as he hopped off the throne spinning around as if showing a dress. "What do you think?" He stopped spinning pulling the mace from the straps twirling it about before resting it on his shoulder. "I kinda like it. It got this whole Isle of the lost... yet so me." Remus laughed again as he shrugged. "So much better than that stupid uniform we were made to wear... sorry. I forgot you actually liked yours."

"Remus, what is going on?" Roman glance over at Virgil who was literally shaking in fear as he tried to reach out towards the prince. "And what do you want with Virgil?"

"What do I want? No, I don't think you understand. It's not about what I want." Remus's eyes went dark as he slowly made his way towards his brother. "It's never been about what I want." Roman's eyes narrowed as he looked around. Remus just smiled as Roman's eyes slowly filled with horror.

"Remus? Where's Deceit?" 

"Who?" Remus laughed seeing his whole family stared at him in shock. "Oh right, Cassidy... I gave him the slip... the boot... told him sianara." Remus's smile fell to a sad one as he remembered the pain in Deceit's eyes. "I broke up with him."

"Remus, you have no idea what you di..."

"Roman, I don't think you're in a position to talk. You see... I broke up with the man I cared about before bad things happened to him." Remus smirked as he moved over to Virgil wrapped his arm around him and pulling him out of Emile's grasp. "You on the other hand... You were the one who did the bad things. You treated him like total dog shit because what... you were confused?"

"L-Let me g-go..." Remus smirked as he wrapped his hand around Virgil's neck watching Roman's eyes burn with rage over the tiny whimper Virgil let out.

"I would, but then how would I ever see such rage in my brother." Remus giggled as he spun Virgil around till they were face to face, his hand still around his neck. "I want to see Roman die inside." Virgil's eyes went wide as Remus full-on kissed him hard. Roman screamed as Virgil dropped to the floor as Remus licked his lips in thought. "He tastes like... Mint. I tasted mint... like mint chip ice cream." Remus shrugged with a smile as Emile quickly picked Virgil up. "Interesting. Didn't take you for the sweet tooth, Roman."


"Hush now Roman. He's only sleeping." Remus smirked as he pulled out a thing of chapstick. "It's apple flavored." Roman was literally crying as his eyes darted from Remus to Emile. "Haven't you seen Game of thrones? No... It's nothing but a lot of sex and death so maybe not." Remus laughed as he fiddled with his mace. "Oh, I know... Doctor who. River Song kissed the doctor with her poisoned lipstick in one episode. It's a lot like that."

"Give him back." Remus clicked his tongue as Roman slowly inched closer to Emile. "Remus, please. I don't know what's going on with you, but Virgil's done nothing. Let him go."

"I said I wanted to see you die inside." Roman snapped pulling his sword out but Remus only laughed as he raised his Mace poised to stike. "Mines heavier. Care to see who faster?"

"Why?" Roman didn't move. He was poised to run or fight. He didn't know which he would be forced to do but wasn't going to miss his chance. "Why do this Remus?"

"Roman, I'm just following Fathers golden rule." Remus smiled innocently as he glanced over at the king. "Be yourself right. That's why you chose Roman. Because he was honest about who he was, while I struggled to be the perfect royal. The perfect royal I wasn't. Isn't that right, Father?"

"I merely meant you had to..." 

"Shh, Father please." Remus laughed cutting the king off as He spun on his feet. "You were right! I wasn't being myself. I refused to be anything but what I thought you want to see. What I thought the perfect king would be but... I got to say. It feels good to be me for once."

"Remus, what happened to being king? What happened to..." This pure rageful and animalist growl tore through Remus stopping Roman in his tracks. "Brother?"

"You can be king of Auradon Roman." Remus smiled as he the world seemed to shift around him. "You can be king of this kingdom." This dark haze began to spill out from the prince as Emile slowly made his way over to him. Roman tried to stop him but Remus threw his arm out makign the floor twist and swallow Roman's feet till he was stuck. "You can be King Roman." Remus laughed as he let the darkness swallow the three of them up. "I'll be the King of mean!"

"REMUS!" The darkness dissipated as Roman fell to his knees now free from the ground. 

"Get Thomas!" The King called out to Belle who nodded as he slowly walked over to the silently braking as he just stayed there on his hands and knees. "Roman..." The king tried to reach out to his son but the moment his hand brushed against him, Roman snapped.

"SOMEONE FIND MY FUCKING BROTHER NOW!" Roman stormed out of the ballroom leaving the castle all together as he broke. He finally got Virgil back. He got his love back and now he's gone again. He's gone because REMUS took him! Why? Virgil was so scared. Remus just... Roman's blood began to boil. Remus kissed Virgil. Remus grabbed Virgil... the boy he knew Roman loved and kissed him. He kissed Virgil. He put his lips to Virgil's lips... "I'LL FUCKING KILL HIM!" Roman screamed out letting his power surge around him. His eyes raged a fiery red as he literally roared in anger. "Just wait, Virgil. I'll save you."

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