34. Spying spree

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Once happened, it would happen again. You could only hear people say this. But it could be so true, Om and Rudra proved it. Several times in the past they had spied on their brother whenever he acted as a secret agent on a top secretive mission. This time, his tactics were becoming crazily weird and the only way to know what he was doing was to spy him and his boyfriend Khanna.

It was almost a month now that they were observing Shivaay's tactics. He came to Oberoi Mansion once in a week at the weekend and merely for one or two hours. For the rest of the time he was in his office in Pune in or so did they believe until yesterday when Rudra saw him in his car when he had stopped at a traffic signal. He thought Shivaay would come home but he didn't. So they went to meet him in his office . It was a big shock for them when they found Shivaay was not in the office and it was merely 8 in the evening ! If that wasn't enough, the guard informed them that Shivaay sir usually left at eight o'clock. That means Shivaay came to the office daily but then the mystery wasn't solved infact, more tangled. He was lying to them all along !

Early in the morning when usually Rudra Singh Oberoi would be sleeping with his mouth wide open, today he was here in his brother's cabin along with his long haired cousin to get atleast one clue that could tell them what was going in their brother's 'Oh-I'll-handle-everything' brain.

There was nothing, not even the smell of something fishy. They were always proud but now hated the fact that their brother was extremely smart and clean in whatever he does. Dejected like never before, they exited the lion's den and marched towards the parking lot where their car was parked. It was then that they noticed an auto stopped infront of the entrance of the office.

Auto ? Fine ! It's just an auto. So what ? Anika Bhabi stepped out of the auto ? Now that was news. Okay ! The day Gauri took Anika with her and their brother looked like a fish without water, the girl Anika was promoted to the position of bhabi, even if unconsciously. When she smiled looking at the guy sitting in the auto, a frown appeared on their foreheads. Who was this guy with whom their bhabi was smiling so beautifully ? The problem wasn't that smile, the problem was that this guy wasn't their brother.

The auto left and Anika went inside the office. Once again they took a step towards parking lot but this time, that guy came back and didn't notice them standing there and ran inside the office while... he removed his turban ? Both of them looked at each other with wide open eyes and mouths, and their heads tilted like Leaning Tower of Pisa and then they gazed at the inner entrance of the office where the guy who was also their brother, just disappeared.

"Fhat the Wuck !" was all that echoed in the parking premises.

Rudra ran towards his brother's cabin to talk to him but Om stopped him.

"Do you seriously think that you'll ask him and he will tell you everything ?" Om looked annoyed and Rudra so wanted to deny but had to admit that this long haired creature was right.

"Then what ?" Rudra asked while raising his brows as if challenging Om to give an idea.

"Lets follow Shivaay silently." Om said and for once in his life Rudra didn't argue. If Om was shocked, he didn't show it.

"O ! Let's go and talk to bhaiya, I can't wait anymore. I'm already feeling like a ragged pillow thrown out of the house. Your plan is boring and flop like your hair style." Said Rudra and leaned his head on Om's shoulder who pushed him away.

"Not a word about my hair, Rudra." Om hissed angrily and with possessiveness.

"Okay. Your plan is boring and flop like the black coloured growth on your head." Rudra said but this time Om punched him in his guts.

"Not. A. Word." Said Om even before Rudra could open his mouth once again.

"Don't worry it's 6:30 pm now. We have to wait for another hour and a half and then Shivaay will come out." Om said in a gentle voice as he looked at Rudra's cry baby face. No matter how annoying Rudra is, he and Shivaay can never see him sad.

Finally the clock struck 8:15 but Shivaay didn't come out. Thank heavens Rudra was taking a stroll to stretch his legs that he saw Shivaay coming out through the back door of the office and marching towards the exit. And guess what ! Once again he was wearing the turban and the casual clothes that Shivaay Singh Oberoi never knew exited. Rudra messaged Om to bring the car towards the exit and he followed his brother silently.

Om found Rudra standing outside the office and looking at something as if he had been given an electric current. Om stepped out of the car and then tapped on Rudra's shoulder. He followed the line of his gaze when Rudra didn't move and his own brain refused to believe his eyes as he saw Khanna stopping all the auto rickshaws and giving them money to stop them from moving.

"But why ?" Exclaimed and questioned Om at the same time and Rudra pointed his hand in another direction without moving his gaze from khanna. Om looked in that direction, only to find his turbanator Shivaay standing beside an auto and waiting for someone. The someone was not an unknown to them.

The dots were connecting slowly and Om shook his head in disbelief at the craziness of his ever so smart and mature brother. Anika came out of the office with a smile plastered on her face and settled in the auto with Shivaay as the auto drove away.

He had to drag Rudra and push him inside the passenger seat of his car as that poor soul was still in shock. He kept stealing glances at a very silent Rudra and he was getting worried now. Two minutes was the maximum time limit that Rudra could keep his mouth shut. But here it had been half an hour.

"Bhaiya's boyfriend is helping bhaiya in wooing his lady." Rudra whispered while looking at the auto ahead of them and Om sighed in relief. Rudra was fine !

"I had told you on the first day itself when Bhaiya said he was going to pune that something is fishy. But you didn't listen to me. I told you I'm smart, S-M-R-T, smart." Rudra boasted as he voiced out every single letter of Smart, with a missing 'A'. But hey ! Rudra was completely out of shock now. Yipeeee !!

"Atleast learn to spell Smart, Idiot." Om said and mouthed a shutup before Rudra could open his mouth again.

The road they were now driving through, was familiar. Once the auto stopped, Om pulled the car at the side and waited to see what happens. Finally Anika and Shivaay exited the auto. They walked away, chatting happily as if it was only the two of them left in this world. Om and Rudra locked the car and followed them from a safe distance.

Anika wished Shivaay a good night and went to her house and then they looked at Shivaay who smiled and kept looking at Anika until she was inside. Then he also took a step to go but immidiately stopped.

"Excuse me !" Om called Shivaay but not from his name. Shivaay turned to look at them and they could see his blue eyes widening in shock but he masked his shocked expressions. Their brother was a good actor !

"Have you seen this man coming to this colony ?" Asked Om while showing him a photo of his brother. Om looked at him in utter disbelief as Shivaay openly denied. This man was either being over start or he had lost his brain along with his heart.

"Okay." Om said and turned to leave while Rudra silently observed what he was doing and followed him.

"Om careful !" They heard Shivaay's voice as Om stumbled, deliberately though. Rudra smirked as he understood Om's plan and he quickly frowned as it worked. He so hated to admit that his long haired, artist brother was smart, S-M-R-T smart.

Shivaay looked at their faces that said 'explain-and-get-over-with-it', and he knew he had to do it.


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