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Roman sat there staring at the paper in his hand. It was wet from when Remus dumped water on him. The words faded and ran as the water pulled the color from where the marker at inked the paper. It didn't matter Roman knew ever word he wrote by heart... because he wrote it from the heart. 

He had spent so long trying to put his thoughts to words. He wanted to have the perfect thing to say to Virgil when he finally showed him just how much he really loved him. Why he finally... when he... 

Roman watched as new wet spots grew as tears fell from his eyes. He loved Virgil more than anything. He couldn't lose him, yet... Virgil, himself made Roman forget him. Why? Roman had spent so long wracking his mind over it. What would make Virgil do that? Roman KNEW it was Virgil. That stupid brownie no doubt. Virgil told Roman right off the bat that it was spelled, but he had thought it was some sort of anti-spell. Instead, it was a memory spell. Virgil was so distraught. Roman would have done anything to make him feel better. 

In all honesty, if it made Virgil happy... he would eat it again.

Pathetic right? Roman laughed at his self as he tossed the paper off to the side. He loved Virgil so much he would make himself suffer just so Virgil was happy. But was he... Roman frowned as he looked behind him at the door. Was Virgil happy? Why... Why did he make Roman forget? Why did he take something so important to him? Why couldn't Virgil just... 

Why couldn't Virgil love him too?

Roman pushed himself up ignoring how he stumbled a bit from exhaustion and pain. He probably looked like a total mess. He had changed and all that after getting soaked but he only ended up crying all over again afterword.

He threw on a jacket before walking out of his room. His intention was to find Virgil. He needed to know. He HAD to know why. He loved Virgil. And yet Virgil forced him to forget. Why? Did Roman do something? Was it his fault? Was it him... or was it because Virgil was afraid? Or because Virgil was guilty... or did Virgil really not care? Roman had to know.

The problem was the moment he got to the main hallway someone stood in his way. Roman narrowed his eyes as he froze seeing Deceit standing there with this look in his eyes. Roman wasn't in the mood. He tried to push past him but Deceit grabbed his arm and lets just say the snake is stronger than he looks.

"Your father has called you both." Roman's eyes went wide as Deceit glance over at him. "You are to report to the throne room."

"Where's Remus?" Deceit's eyes darkened and Roman tensed.

"He's already there. My only job was to relay the message and make sure you get there."

"But Dee..." Roman frowned as Deceit's eyes narrowed. "I have to find Virgil." Deceit shook his head as Roman's eyes filled with pain. "I have to... I have to know why..."

"I'm sorry, Roman, but I can't disobey my royal." Roman deflated as Deceit smiled sadly at him. "Remus asked me to make sure you're there. Your Father was insistent that it's important. I can't let you go just yet. I'll even help you find Virgil when everythings over."

"No don't... don't worry about it." Roman sighed as Deceit slowly let go of the prince. "It's ok. Let's go."

"Roman, you're here!" The king beamed as Roman pushed through the doors with Deceit following behind. Roman glanced over to see his mother passing Prince over to Deceit who nodded and stood by the wall as Roman joined his brother. "I'm glad."

"Sorry for being so late. I was not made aware we had such a meeting. Was it scheduled or..." The king shook his head and Roman frowned glancing over at Remus who was way too stiff and proper considering. "Oh."

"Yes, well... I decided I would inform you both of some changes in the future." Roman narrowed his eyes in confusion as Remus shuddered slightly. "During dinner, Remus had asked me if I had already made my decision regarding you two." Roman's eyes widened as the king smiled. "The answer to that is I have. I decided now that you were of age I would let you both know who it was I chose to succeed me."

"Wait... really?" The king laughed as Roman looked completely confused. "I'm lost. Why now?"

"Simple. You both became of age. I've known for a while who I would choose. There is no longer any reason to not divulge my decision."

"Dear, please. I am sure our boys have things to attend to." Belle smiled over at her sons as the king laughed.

"Ah yes well... The son I have chosen is... Roman." 

"EXCUSE ME?!" Roman jumped in shock as his voice tumbled through the room. Remus nodded as his hands clenched at his side. Deceit frowned from the wall as Prince yipped with concern over everything going on. Roman laughed in embarrassment as he rubbed the back of neck. "Not that I'm not uh... honored but why me?" Remus frowned in confusion as he looked over at his brother. "It's just... I'm not exactly..." Roman sighed as he hugged himself, his mind in a bit of a tumble. "Remus has done so much. Why not him?"

"Roman, It was always going to be you." Roman cringed a bit as the king smiled down at him. "Your charismatic, brave, loyal... You are honest about who you are. Remus still has much to learn." Roman frowned as he watched his brother tense up. "The difference between you both is apparent. You don't force yourself to be something your not you are a natural-born royal. Remus still hasn't learned my one life lesson. Strength isn't about muscle or brawn but the faith and trust you have in one's self." The king frowned as his eyes glanced between both his boys. "Do you made a mistake?"

"Yes, I do." Remus's eyes shot up to find Roman standing firm. "No offense Father as your wise enough to think through your decisions. But I do believe it to be a mistake. Remus has put such effort into this kingdom. Most of my actions piggyback on his ideas... I can't even say I participated in the VK raffle... I was against it wholeheartly yet it brought such wonderful people here..." Roman's eyes shined as he spoke. "I pale in comparison..."

"It is for that very reason, I chose you, Roman." The king looked over at Remus who never met his eyes but made no effort to leave. "I love you both equally but I had to make a choice. A choice that wasn't as difficult as it should have been. Roman will be king. That is my final say on the matter." Remus nodded once before calmly walking out leaving Deceit to scramble after him as everyone watched sadly. "Now, we must prepare for the announcement."

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