I'm Pregnant and He Doesn't Want Me. 3

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"Gabi I need to talk to you about something!" Zane called from the kitchen. I had just come out of the shower and I was about to get dressed. I changed in to my shorts and tank top and went to the kitchen where Zane was making grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate.

"What do you need to talk to me about?" I asked curiously.

"Well I'm moving in a week ..." he started, oh crap I bet he's kicking me out. I gulped. "the new place has three bedrooms so I uh .. . Was wondering if you'd officially like to move in with me." he smiled. My heart beat quicken did he just say move in? And here I was thinking he was going to put me on the street.

"I ...um... Zane ... I don't know what to say..." I stumbled over words not knowing what to do or think.

"You could say yes Gabi ..." he suggested with a smirk.

"Yes." I held back a giggle.

"Well there you go that wasn't so hard now was it ?" he chuckled. "So I organized for Riley to go out tonight so you can go and pack your stuff." He said handing me my hot chocolate and sliding the grilled cheese sandwich across the table.

"Like now?" I asked. I hadn't been in the house for a few days. I had been over to get a few things like clothes and my teddy bear Sherman. Yes I still have a teddy bear. Zane have him to me when we were kids, he was sort of like a security bear, he made me feel safe.

"Yeah so after this we'll head over." he replied.

"Does Riley know that I'm moving with you?" I asked curiously as I munched on my sandwich. I wonder what he would think if he knew. He'd probably get angry or jealous. He already thinks that we are a item

"Uh no I didn't, I told him that you had found your own place." he answered. "I thought that if I told him that you were gonna move in with me he'd get angry and do something stupid."

"Ok." I nodded and continued to munch on my grilled cheese.


I managed to pack all of my stuff with in an hour, along with a few inappropriate comments from Zane about my underwear. We were leaving just as Riley decided to come home. "So I hear that you are leaving." He mumbled when he saw me. My heart beat sped up and I got nervous, I hated being around him now. He makes me feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah." I bit my lip. Zane was behind me. He gave me a little shove and I walked forward and passed him quickly walking back to Zane's house. "I'm glad that's over." I stated as dropped my bags on the floor and slumped myself over the couch I was currently calling bed.

"Sorry. Didn't know that he was gonna come home so quickly. Do you want to have a look at the new house?" Zane asked sitting next to me and slinging his arm around my shoulder and pulled me on to his lap. I smiled at this and snaked my arms around his neck.

"Is it far from here?" I asked.

"It's a twenty minute walk."

"Can we drive?"

He laughed. "Feeling lazy are we?"

"I'm pregnant I'm allowed to be lazy!" I protested with a grin, he grinned back. We sat on the couch in silence for about ten minutes.

"Wanna go check out the house?"

I nodded, we got off the couch and Zane took hold of my hand. A whole lot of things happened in the next ten seconds. My heart rate went from what is generally normal to dangerously high. I blushed like a freaking beetroot and Zane kissed my forehead. All I can say is WOW.

For one I was not expecting any of that at all, but I liked it. I tried to hide the grin on my face as we walked out of his apartment and out to the parking lot.

"So how far away is the house from here?" I asked, having no idea what to say to him after that. That was my ex-boyfriends brother kissing my forehead. That was really weird.

"It's about ten minutes drive." He answered and walked towards his truck.


When we got there I was actually quite surprised as to how big the house really was. It looked rather large from the outside. It was white, with a long drive way. Which meant enough room for Zane's and my car as well. There was a garage with an automatic door. This is already awesome.

When we got to the front door he pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the white wooden door. As we stepped in I gasped, they was already some furniture occupying the room. There was a table that had a cordless house phone sitting on it, next to a bowl which had keys in it. I looked to the left and there was a small bedroom with a built in closet. "That's gonna be the babies room." Zane commented as I walked in looking at the shelves that were built in. There was a rocking chair but other then that the room was bare.

"Zane ... this ... this is too much!" I was overwhelmed already.

"No Gabi for you it's not enough! You deserve the world!" He came up behind me whispering those words that made me shiver. I couldn't move, I had temporarily become paralysed. What is he doing to me?

"Come on let's see the rest of the house." I snapped myself out of my paralysis and turned around squeezing past him to get out of the room that would be occupied by my child in 7 months.

"This is the lounge room." He pointed to the next room that was up the hall, it was connected to the massive kitchen and the backyard and laundry. And upstairs are the other bedrooms. "Wanna check the bedrooms out?" He asked and pointed upstairs. I nodded eagerly. There were two bedrooms, one for me, one for Zane and they both had connecting bathrooms.

"Ugh this is awesome! It's absolutely massive!! But how are we going to afford this! The rent must cost a fortune!" I looked around the room that would be mine next week. It was fantastic. Connected bathroom with a bath tub and an amazing shower. Walk in closet ... it was perfect.

"We wont be renting ..." He mumbled and sat down on the bed that was bare except for two fluffy pillows.

I raised an eyebrow. "Of course there's rent Zane, unless you own ...." I trailed off coming to a realization. I turned to look at him find out of he was being serious or not. "you don't!" I screeched and he smirked.

"I've been doing it up for the last seven months." He said with a proud smile. God he looks like his brother some times.

"Wow ..." I trailed off again looking out the window. There was a beach right outside and it was absolutely beautiful. This is perfect. "It's perfect." I exclaimed turned around too fast and bumping heads with Zane. I groaned and grabbed my head. Zane chuckled and reached out to rub my head where he had head butted me.

"Sorry Gab." He laughed and pulled me in to a hug and we stared out the window at the amazing site before us. I our new home we were going to share together.

"I think I should pay you rent." I said after a few minutes of silence, he was still holding me in the same position.

"No." He said bluntly. "You are pregnant and you'll have to finish working soon, so no. you can not pay rent you have more important things to buy. Like a crib and diapers." He said in a serious tone. I laughed.

"Ok you're the boss but I'll pay the bills." I said.

"No you won't."

"Zane ..." I pressed.

"You will not pay for anything! Riley isn't going to be responsible so I have to ... therefore I wall foot the bills." I frowned.

"You don't have to be responsible for me Zane. I can take care of myself, I'm not a child." I grumped. He frowned, obviously realizing that he had just put his foot in his mouth.

"Gabi I didn't mean it like that. I just feel like I should look after you."


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