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"What do you mean?" Mulan was frozen under the immense concern and weight those words held. "Roman what do you..."

"I just meet Anxiety the other day. Prince ran off and stuff... Why is everyone so against Anxiety? I mean he seemed nice when I met him. I didn't know he a VK though until today." Mulan could feel her blood go cold as Roman frowned looking back towards the door. "Maybe I should ask Deceit? If Anx is a VK... I should have met him before. I wonder why I didn't." Roman's voice trailed off as this look of pain flashed in his eyes.

"Roman you di..."

"Oh, shoot, sorry Miss. I have to run." Roman laughed as he quickly packed his things up running for the door. "I told Prince I wouldn't be too long. I'm already late!"

"ROMAN!" It was to late. Mulan watched as those doors closed and everything just seemed to snap. She took off running, looking for the only other person who might be able to do something. "REMUS!" The very prince mentioned froze on the spot startling Deceit who glanced back to see Mulan with eyes wide. "Remus... something is wrong with Roman."

"What?" Remus and Deceit shared a look as Deceit clenched his fists. "What to do you mean?"

"Remusss, Prince said the sssame thing." Mulan's eyes narrowed as Deceit frowned with concern. "I tried to bring it up but he jussst brushed me aside."

"No, there is something definitely going on." Mulan sighed as she bushed her hair back. "Roman didn't seem to remember Virgil."

"Excuse me." Deceit tensed up as he started shaking his head. "No that doesn't make sense. Roman would totally forget the love of his life. Unless it was some sort of symptom of breaking the spell?"

"What spell?" Remus shook his head ignoring Mulan's question as he frowned over at Deceit.

"It wouldn't be that. Roman had already taken care of that. He wasn't spelled." Deceit's eyes went wide as Remus hugged himself with anxiety. "I don't understand. Are you sure?"

"Roman told me he just met Virgil the other day. He didn't even know Virgil's name." Deceit frowned as Mulan looked away. "He was calling him Anxiety like the others but it was Roman who had told me his name. He didn't even remember that I had had them spar before."

"Virgil..." Deceit's hand went to cover his mouth as he took a step back in shock. Remus and Mulan both just narrowed their eyes in confusion as Deceit shook his head. "Emile mentioned something about Virgil getting upset over something. He couldn't tell me what because he was confused but... Think about it Virgil is adamant that love is a weakness." Remus's eyes went wide as his arms fell to his side. "If he knew what Roman felt was real..."

"Do you really think he would..." Deceit nodded as he just stared blankly in shock.

"He would to protect Roman." Mulan frowned in confusion as Deceit tense. "He would if he loved him too." Deceit snapped making Remus flinch at the sudden change in Deceit. "You NEED to make him remember."

"I don't understand."

"Remus you need to break the spell." Remus tensed as he shook with anxiety.

"I-I don't know ho..."

"I know that's a lie." Remus's eyes went wide as Deceit glared over at him. "I don't care how you do it. Just that you do it. Virgil doesn't understand. He's never had someone to love him like Roman does. His own family didn't care for him. He'll do whatever he thinks he has to protect those he cares for but... Roman has to remember him. It's only hurting him."

"I agree that he does but... I still don't understand." Deceit hissed catching the other two off guard.

"Roman stayed up the entire night the other day crying." Remus frowned as Deceit narrowed his eyes. "When I brought it up he didn't know why he cried. He was adamant he was ok but Prince just kept saying he was breaking. HE RAN OUT OF CLASS TODAY, Remus!" Deceit looked away as his worry began to grow. "There was this scene with Virgil and then he just suddenly up and left... literally ran out saying he didn't feel good."


"Virgil may have taken his memories but Roman still loves him." Deceit's voice was quiet and shaky causing the prince to sigh knowing he had lost. "You can't destroy true love. Even if there are no memories of it true love is true love... it breaks every spell."

"And you really think Roman..." Deceit fumbled around his pockets before pulling out this sheet of paper, holding out to Remus who tensed up. The prince opened the sheet and his eyes went wide in total shock over what he was reading. "What..."

"I found it when I searched his room." Remus raised an eyebrow at him making Deceit shy away a bit. "I was worried. I couldn't get what Prince said out of my head so... I did some snooping around. Roman was obviously in the middle of writing that." Remus's eyes narrowed as his hands shook slightly. "I was going to bring it up with him but... if he doesn't even remember writing it..."

"You're right. He needs to remember and soon." Remus sighed as he folded the paper neatly putting it in his pocket before turning back to the teacher. "Do you have any of those big water bottles you gave all the club members?" 

"Uh..." Mulan searched her bag before pulling out one still in the wrapping. "One of these?"

"Yes. Would it be ok if I take on?" Mulan frowned in confusion before handing it over to Remus who unwrapped it and smiled. "Thank you so much." Remus opened the bottle and smiled as he looked it over. "I think it's big enough."

"Big enough for what?" Remus just laughed as he took Deceit's hand and started to run off. "Babe, what are we doing?!"

"We're going to get some water!"

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