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four hours later.

"I'm nervous" Luke paced across the kitchen as I smiled, watching him.

"Just don't embarrass me" I mumbled.

"Okay- what if I don't like him?" Luke asked me.

"You will" Calum spoke for me, making me smile.

"He's a good kid- you'll see" I spoke with a smile.

And soon- the doorbell rang.

Calum, Michael and I all raced to the door, Calum immediately swinging it open, but I stepped in front of him.

"Hi" I spoke to him.

"Hi" Dawson smiled back.

"Come in." Calum spoke happily.

I walked beside him as he entered.

"Dawson this is Michael- Michael this is Dawson" I introduced, making them shake hands, exchanging small talk.

"That's my little brother Nick" I spoke, motioning to Nick, who was coloring at the table.

"And this is Luke" I saved the best for last, seeing them immediately shake hands.

Luke held a solid cool guy act considering he was pacing five seconds ago.

But then, Dawson asked a question that threw everyone in the house off their game

"You're Aubrey's dad?"

Everyone went dead silent.

"Yep" I spoke, making everyone resume their normal stances.

"Yeah- I'm the one" Luke laughed awkwardly, smiling down to me- but I could tell, he was confused.

"I'm sorry- you just look young-" "good skin" I laughed, trying to make him shut the fuck up.

"So Dawson- where do you guys plan on going tonight?" Luke cleared his throat.

"We're going to go watch Annabelle, I believe." He spoke with a smile, making Luke nod slowly.

"Just- have her home by eleven." He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

"Yes sir" Dawson spoke, turning to shake the guys' hands again, giving Luke and I a moment to whisper to each other.

"I'm sorry" I quickly spoke as he stared to me- more than confused.

Instead of saying anything else, he just pulled me into a tight hug.

I held him back tightly.

"Ready?" I cleared my throat towards Dawson once he entered the kitchen, making Luke and I stop our moment.

"Yeah" he smiled, shaking hands with Luke again.

"Be safe" Luke smiled to me.

"Will do" I smiled back.

And we left.

And believe me when I say

The night went by slow

The movie honestly sucked- it was horrible editing and nothing looked realistic.

There was an awkward silence at dinner- every conversation I started seemed to get shut down by him.

"Is something wrong?" I asked as he drove me home, the car silent.

"No" he spoke, and if I wasn't skeptical, I would've believed him- but I didn't believe him.

I stayed silent, letting my knee bounce slightly.

He parked in our driveway, and I could see that all the lights were off, telling me the guys were in bed.

It was almost eleven, so it didn't surprise me.

He walked me to the door, making me look to him as I pulled out my key.

"Well, thank you for tonight-" "be honest with me" he spoke slowly.

I raised my eyebrows to him.

"Do you see us going anywhere?" He asked me.

"Like- relationship wise?" I asked.

"Yeah" he mumbled.

"Well- yeah" I mumbled back to him.

"You just- I tried to hold your hand and you'd move your hand away, every time I try to flirt you get all quiet, it's just not normal for a girl to be distant from me when I clearly want them." He spoke.

"Dawson- this is just, new to me" I explained slowly.

"I don't really do relationships and I'm going through a lot right now- so you have to bare with me and just, let me get comfortable on my own" I spoke slowly.

He nodded

"Yeah- you're right, I'm sorry" he spoke quietly.

"Text me?" He questioned, making me smile


We shared a small hug before he left and I let myself inside, leaning against the door with a sigh as I locked it.

"How was it?" Luke scared the shit out of me as he spoke, making me quickly grab my chest, hearing him laugh.

"Not what I imagined" I mumbled to him lightly.

"Bad or good?" Luke asked, making me shrug lightly.

"Not bad but not great either"

Luke nodded slowly.

"I think you need to talk" Luke mumbled.

"I think I do too"

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