How Obesity Can Affect Sex Life?

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Being overweight is known for hindering stamina that is quite well important for sustaining sexual performance. It might also disturb one's hormonal balance that in turn shall affect testosterone levels, which causes condition like loss of libido or low sex drive. Obesity in men might also affect blood flow to the genitals and lack of blood circulation leads to erectile dysfunction, which can be taken care of with the consumption of Intagra pills.

Notably, the testosterone is important male hormone that shall further help in the development of male sexual organs and it shall build up some strong bones. The testosterone levels begin to rise at puberty and peak in quite early adulthood and this shall start declining along with age.

Furthermore, excess fat that is present in built up in the inner thighs and pubic region shall all result in high testes temperatures of above 35°C. This might be sufficient so as to hinder sperm production. Obesity like condition is definitely linked to low sperm count and lowered sperm motility that might be caused due to infertility.

Condition like obesity might also take an emotional toll in life. Some might experience feelings of social isolation, depression, discrimination overweight, etc. Condition like disrupted sleep-wake cycles, unhealthy eating habits, shall ease to a junk or packed food, no physical activity might badly affect fertility. Intagra works well when consumed as prescribed for impotence in men.

Here's how one can choose a healthy life over wealthy one:

· Make a healthy lifestyle a family goal by maintaining the calorie needs in mind

· Try being active all the time, take a walk, and make use of stairs over lift or escalator

· Limit the screen time; instead of playing outdoor, indulging more in outdoor activities

· Shall keep a track of weight, BMI and weight circumference

· Take a properly balanced diet; or have fertility enhancing foods including banana broccoli, walnuts, ginseng, garlic, red meat, eggs, beans, fish, citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes, cheese, etc.

· Go for a health checkup once in six months

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