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"What the hell is Anxiety doing here?!" Roman froze up hearing one of his teammates yell out through the gym. He slowly turned around to find the same kid from before standing next to Mulan, who was smiling. Blue flew over the benches hopping about with excitement, as he knew what was going to happen.

"Oh hush now, boys." Mulan nudged Virgil towards the growing crowd as she chuckled. "Virgil here, will be joining our team."

"WHAT?" Roman flinched at his own voice as his hands started shaking. He didn't understand his own reaction as he watched Virgil frown at the ground.

"Do you have a problem with that Roman?" Roman shook his head knowing full well you can't argue with Mulan.

"Of course not. I just... I'm a tad concerned. Has he ever held a sword before?" Mulan's eyes narrowed as Roman glanced over at Virgil who was shaking his head. Roman sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "I can show you the ropes? I am team captain..."

"Roman, don't." Someone yelled from the crowd making the prince tense up. "This is Anxiety. He's the worst VK here. Don't help him..."

"ENOUGH!" Mulan's voice boomed through the gym. "Virgil grab a sword." Virgil tensed as all the eyes in the room turned to him. "Virgil, it's ok. Go on." Obviously, Virgil grabbed a wooden one. Everyone snickered as Virgil held it loosely in his hand. His whole body was shaking as he remembered the last time he held one. His eyes went to Roman who just stared with narrowed eyes. "Roman get into position." 

"Wait, hold on a minute!" Mulan shot him a look effectively shutting the prince up who just sighed as walked out into the center of the gym, putting him into a stance. Virgil frowned noticing Roman's stance had changed. It was a lot let ridged... like he actually learned from fighting him but... Roman didn't remember Virgil so it only confused him a bit.

"Virgil... if you would." Virgil nodded joining Roman in the center. His hands shook so bad the sword wasn't stable. He could hear the others cheering Roman on and laughing at Virgil. He didn't care. He didn't care... he didn't... "Go." Roman was quick knocking the sword out of Virgil's hands. Mulan frowned noticing how out of it Virgil was. Roman handed the wooden sword back to Virgil who never met his eyes. "Go again, boys." Virgil clenched his hands around the sword tightly as his nerves burned through him. Roman slashed at him making Virgil flinch and guard as Roman shifted his feet knocking Virgil down, who just laid there stunned. Roman frowned as Virgil shook.

"Miss are you sure about this. Anx is clearly inexper..."

"Virgil, get up!" Virgil nodded as he carefully pushed himself to his feet, wooden sword in hand. "You're better than this. Show these boys why I chose you." Virgil's eyes narrowed as he took a deep breath letting his nerves fade away. "Show everyone just how strong you really are."

"I'm not strong." Mulan smirked as Virgil slipped into his stance making Roman's eyes go wide. 

"You're the strongest in this room... Now go!" Virgil was the first to move this time. He launched himself at Roman who slid to the side. Virgil spun slashing down with his sword only for Roman to block with a look of shock in his eyes. "I expect you to go all out Virgil!"

"Right, Miss." Virgil blinked, his eyes glowing green as he gripped tightened. His feet shifted as he bent back releasing Roman's sword, causing it to sweep forward. Virgil kicked his foot under Roman, knocking him down onto the floor. He lunged his sword only for Roman to roll out of the way and jump to his feet. By now everyone was watching with wide eyes.

"Virgil, you're holding back." Virgil frowned as he shook he head. Roman swept his sword. Virgil caught it with his own spinning on his feet and catching Roman's face with his elbow, making him stumble back. "I want you to go all out, Virgil."

"But..." Virgil clammed up seeing Mulan just smiling at him. He sighed as he held his sword up again. "Ok, Miss." This blast of hot air tore through the room making everyone gasp. Roman froze up feeling a sense of familiarity as he peeked through his hair to see Virgil standing there with blue flaming hair. Next thing Roman knew Virgil was gone. 

"WHAT?!" People yelled from the crowd as everyone looked around. Mulan just sat there smiling as Roman stayed still. He let his eyes slip shut and just listened to everything around. He listened to the subtle and quiet footsteps. He felt the shift in the air. His eyes went wide as he spun around throwing up a guard just in time to catch Virgil's sword. 

"You lied about never holding a sword." Virgil's eyes darkened as Roman laughed. "Mulan wasn't kidding. You really are strong."

"No, I'm not." Virgil kicked Roman right in the gut sending him flying back as tears started to fall from his eyes. "I'm the weakest you'll ever find." Roman struggled to get back up to his feet as Virgil laughed. Virgil pointed his sword at Roman and smiled through the tears. "Fear, love, pity, guilt... their all weaknesses." Roman frowned as Virgil shifted, suddenly appearing right in front of him. Roman's sword skidded away as Virgil knocked it out of his hands, all with a sad smile. "And I have them all." Virgil tossed his sword away shaking his head as his hair slowly went back to normal. Was that enough, Miss?"

"That was plenty, Virgil." Virgil nodded as stepped back ignoring how everyone freaked out with stunned awe over the smaller VK. "You are free to go, but I expect to see you next meeting." Virgil nodded again although a tad reluctantly. Blue flew over singing happily before flying over to Roman chirping in concern. Roman frowned as Blue literally looked him over.

"I'm ok, little one." Roman called out even though Blue wasn't really listening. Virgil frowned as he saw just how concerned his familiar was. 

"Blue, he said he's ok." Blue stopped landing on Roman's shoulder as he chirped loudly over at Virgil. "He's fine. Let's go." Blue shook his head making Virgil frown as he looked around. His face fell with anxiety as he looked away. "Please, Blue?"

Roman watched as the small blue bird finally nodded flying over to Virgil who smiled as he rubbed up against his cheek. The prince just stood there watching Virgil leave as his pressure just built in his chest.

"Are you ok, Roman?" Roman turned to see Mulan standing there with this concerned look. "You seem conflicted."

"I'm ok, Miss." Mulan frowned as she watched everyone start to pack up.

"Are you concerned over Virgil?" Roman narrowed his eyes before glancing back towards the door the darker one walked out of. "Roman..."

"Anxiety... er, Virgil doesn't seem all that happy to join us. I can understand considering everyone's first reaction but... I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't force the new kid into a club?" Mulan's eyes went wide as Roman rubbed his neck awkwardly. "It's just... I don't know if he could take the pressure and all that. It might not be good for him."

"New kid?" Roman frowned seeing the confusion growing in his teacher. "Roman, Virgil isn't new." Mulan was clearly trying to think through things. "Everyone here has already met or known about the boy. Hell, they've seen you two around so much..."

"Us two? Mulan, I only just met him the other day."

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