the one about woojin

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as i'm sure you're all aware, woojin recently announced his departure from skz. truthfully i'm heartbroken to know that stray kids will never be the same, but i really do want what's best for our bear and i'll support him through this

stray kids has had an incredible influence on my life. in my darkest moments, i've been able to turn to them and i've always found a reason to smile. there was a point where stray kids was the only thing that could make me happy, and i clung to them because i really needed them in my life and they were keeping me afloat

we need to do the same for woojin and the rest of skz. i'm sure this transition is hard enough for all of them without people badgering them with questions and hate messages. recently on vlives people have been telling chan to kill himself and have said all sorts of horrific things. we've seen how badly this can affect someone, whether they show it or not. he dedicates his life to stays and to making us happy and this is how he's treated in return

we must support them and be the thing that keeps them happy just as they've done for so many of us. comment kind things on their posts and livestreams, don't send hate messages to jyp or skz, and instead of bringing up what hurts bring up good things. instead of saying you're sad woojin is leaving, express your gratitude for everything he did for us while he was still a member

stray kids means the world and more to me. if not for them i really don't know where i'd be. i'll continue to want the best for them no matter what. if woojin leaving is what he needs to be happy, then it's a good thing. so i expect and encourage all of you to support them. they work hard to make us happy and it's time we do the same for them

you did well, woojin.
thank you.

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