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"Today we're going to be going over our next assignment. Since we've been doing a lot about Villains and their history, I believe we should do a presentation about it. For obvious reasons, the VK's are not allowed to do their parents. Please pick someone el..." The teacher was cut off by the sound of chirping making everyone look over at the door to find Virgil standing there with blue angerly chirping at the teacher. "Anxiety? I was not aware you would be returning to class today." Virgil frowned as the teacher narrowed his eyes. It wasn't like before. Before everyone hated him. Now however at least the teachers were a little more tolerant as time went on. This one, in particular, was concerned. "Thomas informed me you were ill." Virgil shook his head as the teacher sighed, realizing Virgil was not going to talk. "Alright, take your seat."

"Anx?" Virgil tensed looking over to see Roman frowning over at him. Prince instantly jumped over to him as Virgil sat down. "You're in this class?" Virgil nodded as he petted the tiny pup before trying to shoo him away. It didn't work. Virgil sighed as he resigned to letting Prince lay at his feet, much to Roman's confusion. "Anx..."

"The Villains I have chosen are up on the board. Obviously there will be repeats, I do not care. That being said, if your projects are exactly the same there will be problems." Virgil raised his hand catching the teacher who just smiled over at the boy.

"I'm confused... what project?"

"Just a simple presentation. You don't have to actually present them. It's not a big project. However, I have stimulated that you can't do your parents." Roman's eyes widened a bit as Virgil frowned. "You have to make a presentation about a villain. Obviously that being said you can't choose Hades." Virgil sighed as the teacher pointed to the board. "Why not Maleficent? We are doing it in groups maybe the Vk's could..."

"Can't." The teacher froze as Virgil's voice shook. "You said no parents. She's my mother."

"Oh..." Virgil nodded ignoring the horrified expression the whole class seemed to have. "That's alright. I'm sure you could join any group you wanted... maybe you and Roman..."

"It's ok. I'll just do one on my own." Roman frowned seeing the way the Vk's shifted.

"Hey... we can still be a group." Deceit smiled as he drew Virgil's attention to him. "The rule was we can't to our parents. He never said we had to do Maleficent. Besides... that witch is a total bitch."

"My mother is still the worst though." Emile shivered as everyone laughed. "I'm glad I don't have to do her."

"Same, honestly." Logan called as he eyed the board reading every name. "My mother is moron, plain and simple."

"Don't worry. We've got you." Virgil smiled as blue sang happily. "Hey!" Deceit smiled as he shot a look to the teacher. "I just realized. You just admitted to being a prince."

"Wait, what?" Deceit laughed as Virgil frowned. "I thought I already did that."

"Well, not everyone sees Hades as a king. Just a god so... coming out as the Fairy queens son does make you a royal. And now everyone can SHUT UP ABOUT THAT BLUEBIRD!" The whole class flinched slightly as the teacher sighed. Roman just watched Virgil with narrowed eyes. 

"Shut up, Dee." Virgil laughed and Roman looked away quickly placing a hand to his chest. Tears pricked his eyes as his heart raced. Prince whined at his feet making Roman look over only to find both Prince and Blue looking at him in concern. "Roman?" Roman looked up at Virgil, who was frowning in concern. "Are you..." Roman shot his hand up cutting Virgil off as the Teacher frowned. 

"I'm not feeling well. May I be excused?" The teacher nodded and before anyone could say anything Roman was gone. Prince took one last look at Virgil before running to catch his royal before the door closed on him.

'Something must have happened.'
'It was probably Anxiety.'
'His parents are the worst... the posioned apple must not have fallen far from the tree.'
'He probably hurt Roman.'

Virgil sighed as he made his way out of class. The teacher had postponed the assignment do to some complications. Meaning everyone was more interested in Virgil and Roman than what they were supposed to be doingso the teacher got annoyed and just gave up. It didn't matter. Roman didn't even remember him anymore. Virgil took everything that was said and just laughed. Roman was fine. At least if he was it couldn't be because of Virgil. Roman didn't remember a thing. He didn't remember how he felt. 

"Virgil?" The dark royal stopped short feeling the tears fall down his cheeks. "Kiddo, what's wrong?" Thomas took Virgil's hand and led him back to his office. Virgil only sat in his chair in silence as Thomas made him some choco. "Virgil?"

"It's fine. I'm fine, Thomas." The older didn't believe him one bit. He passed the cup of choco over to Virgil who took it with a soft smile.

"Does this have something to do with Roman?" Virgil's eyes darted up as Thomas frowned. "As headmaster and nurse of sorts... Roman came to me saying he wasn't well. He wouldn't really talk to me but it sounded as thought something happened between you two?"

"No. Nothing happened. He just left class. I mean... I did tell everyone who my mother was." Thomas frowned as Virgil shook slightly in his chair. "Maybe that's it?"

"How are people taking the news?" Virgil's eyes darkened and Thomas sighed. "I see." Thomas glanced down at this book he had on the dest before shaking himself out of his thoughts. "Virgil, I think you should join a club."


"You don't get out enough. Plus joining a club will help people to get to know the real you and not just their impressions." Virgil just sat there in confusion as Thomas grabbed the book and passed it over. "There's a list of clubs in there you can check out. Although I recommend maybe Patton's..." Virgil frowned as his eyes spotted a familiar name. "... or maybe..."

"Thank you, Thomas. I'll think about it." Virgil tossed the book back over before placing his cup on the table. 

"Promise you will?" Virgil smiled as he nodded and walked out of the room. Join a club? Who on earth would want hi...

"Hello again, Virgil."

"Mulan?" Virgil stood there frozen as the very teacher whose name he saw in the book just smiled down at him. "W-What are you..."

"Thomas informed me you would be looking for a club to join." That asshole! Virgil glared back at the door in anger. Thomas set this whole thing up. "I told him I would gladly take you in."

"I'm sorry but I'm not really..."

"Nonsense." Mulan took his hand with a bright smile. "I'm not letting such a promising student go."

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