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As Himiko flounced off to her dorm Kokichi laughed hysterically. I, on the other hand, was confused. Why had Kokichi breaking a bottle made her so mad?

"Shuichi!" Kokichi yelled. "Snap out of it!"

He was snapping in my face to bring me out of a trance I didn't even know I was in.

"Oh, s-sorry Kokichi. What did you need?" I asked.

"Help meeeee! I don't wanna be under a spell!"

Was he that childish? Did he really believe in spells?

"Um, I doubt it's real, Kokichi."

He pouted and crossed his arms. I laughed at him looking like a real tsundere.

"Well, if you won't help me, i'm off!" he announced as he left the cafe.

I instinctively put my arm out, subconsciously not wanting him to leave, but gave up on it. He would've left either way.

I spotted Kaito on the other side of the cafe, who seemed to witness the whole thing but frankly didn't care. I went over to him and sat down.

"What was that all about?" he asked, not even greeting me. I sighed.

"Himiko claimed to put a 'spell' on Kokichi and he actually seemed to...believe it? I dunno, I thought he was smarter than that."

"Hm. Well, it's Kokichi. He's a brat. He probably wanted you to pity him,"

Despite Kaito usually being a dumbass, he actually said something... smart?

"Probably," I sighed. "Anyways," I said, changing the subject. "No one has killed anyone yet.. which I mean, is good, but I'm afraid of what Monokuma might do when he realizes that."

"That's.... actually, a really scary thought," said Kaito, shivering.

As if right on cue, Monokuma popped up, scaring the life out of the astronaut.

"Everyone please come to the cafeteria! I have an announcement to make!~" He said into a microphone, before putting it away and turning to us.

"Weird coincidence, huh? Cuz it totally has to do with the situation that just went down!"

"Huh?" I said.

"Nothing!" Monokuma blurted out.

As everyone came into the cafe, Kaito and I greeted them.

"The announcement I have to make is...~ I'm presenting a motive!"

Everyone exchanged confused glances.

"For this motive, all of your Ultimates will be upgraded by 2! Basically, you will become better at your talent!"

"How is that.. a motive?" asked Tenko.

"You could use your talents for bad, now that you're more skilled at them! For example, Himiko can cast actual spells, Tsumugi can create disguises to frame someone else, or Angie could make an art piece that could potentially hurt someone!"

My eyes darted over to Kokichi, who was staring at Himiko timidly. He was scared of being put under an actual spell, now that she's able to.

Monokuma let us leave, but Kokichi, Maki and I all stayed.

Kokichi was quieter than usual, which was odd, because he'd typically be making fun of the bear or Maki. But at the moment he was sitting at a table, staring down at it with a blank expression. Maki and I looked at each other with somewhat confused looks, and to my surprise, she walked over to him and sat down.

It looked like she had told him something, and he smiled faintly and nodded, as she pat him on the shoulder and walked away.

What in the world..?

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