(19) Broken Angel

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When Angelo left, Ryan and I didn't speak, we just went back to sleep. We were both really tired.

At around 9am, we both woke up. He looked at me and smiled. "I had the weirdest dream last night... Angelo was an angel and he knew you and you were maybe having his child. It actually felt real!" His eyebrows rose as he told me.

I smiled back. "It wasn't a dream - Angelo is an angel and I am having his child."

I blushed and swept my hair from my face as he stared at me with wide eyes and an open mouth.

"I don't know if I can get my head around this. Ok, I saw him flying and I've felt his presence since he was gone, once I think I even did see him but I thought I was just going crazy. But an angel?" Ryan scoffed. "They don't even exist. Its ridiculous - like saying fairies exist. Its just childish."

I shot Ryan a sympathetic smile. "Believe me, I felt exactly the same as you and he was a total stranger to me. He didn't want me to know he was an angel but I found out. I've even been past the clouds and up into heaven when my ex fiancee tried to murder me!"

Ryan began to laugh and something inside me snapped. We had shown him proof. I knew it was weird but he was the only human I could talk to about it so I needed him to believe. "Look." I said taking his hand and putting it on my stomach. I spoke Angelo's name and the baby began to kick. Ryan looked at me, unsure. I spoke loads of other people's names but the baby only responded to mine, Angelo's and then anything to do with angels - for example heaven or wings.

Ryan's eyes were yet again as wide as saucers. "That's mental." He whispered and I giggled.


A whole two months went by and I hadn't heard from Angelo. I was an emotional wreck. Why hadn't he come? All I could think of was that he didn't want anything to do with me anymore. I called his name but he never came to me. I ended up spending a lot of my time crying. I just prayed it wasn't ante - natal depression.

Ryan was always there to comfort me and Hannah came over a lot too. She would keep me busy which I was glad of. We made lots of clothes for the baby which was swelling in my stomach.

"Right." I said one day. "I need to take this collection of dresses to a lady who lives a couple of hours away." I said to Ryan, pointing to the dresses that I had just finished making.

"Oh no, Grace let me take them." He smiled, picking them up."

"No I actually want to go because the lady was also going to talk about another collection. Could you just stay and look after the shop please?" I asked with a small smile.

Ryan eventually gave in. "Fine! But I'm helping you put the dresses in your car and make sure you have your hands free handset in the car so I can call you when you're driving."

I nodded. "Of course. Oh and by the way, my sisters are coming down for a few days. They shouldn't be here till this evening though. They don't have a key but I told them to meet you at the shop. Is that alright?"

"Yep, that's great." Ryan smiled.

Once I was on my way, I turned on the radio to listen to some nice calming folk music. I loved to listen to music when I was driving. It just made time move much faster.

I got to the woman's house after a few hours and gasped when I pulled up into the drive. It was a gorgeous Edwardian house. There must have been 4 or 5 storeys! I parked my car outside the door and heaved myself out of the car. It was a lot harder to do most things now I was quite obviously pregnant. My stomach jutted out really far, so far in fact that it now acted as my table. I put my plate on my stomach to eat my dinner and rested my hands there when I was sewing. Quite inconvenient though because it made my movements sluggish.

I moved to the boot of my car and lifted the hood. All of a sudden, a stylish woman in her early 60s, ran outside. She was called Mrs. Yates and she was extremely posh but not in a bad way, she was really kind too.

"Oh my goodness!" She cried running towards me. "I didn't realise how far pregnant you were! You shouldn't be driving." She took the dresses I was holding and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"You look wonderful darling." She smiled, walking indoors.

I forgot how much I loved her. She was so complimentary but she was also great to share gossip with. She knew everything about everyone and she loved to share it with me.

She led me inside, to her lounge which was decorated with lots of paintings and sculptures. I had known her for a while because she came to my shop to have a coffee with me quite a lot but I'd never been to her house before. It really suited her.

I showed her the dresses and she loved them.

"They are just so beautiful." She smiled, looking at them in awe.

Mrs. Yates was a seller of rare designer pieces but she had bought my stuff before and it had gone down just as well as the stuff double its price.

We sat and drank tea and she told me about a new floral collection that she would give very good money to invest in. I took her up on the offer of course!

"Ok, I should go." I said glancing at the clock. "Thank you for the tea, your house is amazing!" I beamed.

She smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye. "You're always welcome in my house Grace. And please take this." She handed me a roll of money that she had pulled from her pocket.

"Oh no! Please don't give me all that!" She had already paid me by cheque for the clothes so this was extra.

"No, I didn't realise you were so pregnant and you drove all the way here!" She smiled, closing my hand around the money.

I protested more but she wasn't listening and eventually I left with all the money.

The drive back home was exciting. I had got loads of money so I could take my sisters out for dinner! I wanted to treat them.

Around an hour away from home, I switched to the outside lane on the motorway. I quite liked the motorway because the vehicles looked like they were all gliding along.

I started thinking of Angelo. Why didn't he bother coming anymore? Of course he was scared, so was I. That didn't mean he could just leave, I thought he was better than that. Maybe he wasn't...

Suddenly a car jerked into my lane. I felt a slight bump and swerved out of the way. The driver was asleep, he was slumped against the wheel. I hooted and he heard and quickly swerved as well but in the panic, he swerved into me again so I had to move out of the way.

Suddenly time went slow.

My car crashed through the barrier at the side.

It slipped on the gravel at the side of the hill.

The ground went from beneath me.

Everything was silent, almost peaceful. The engine was silent, the tires were silent, the world had stopped and I was spinning into a different existence, one of unconsciousness.

It was quiet. It was beautiful. It was white.

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