Chapter 18

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Lexi's POV

"I need to ask you for a favor," Belle said and I sat down next to her holding her small hand. "Anything," I said and she nodded. "My sister just lost some very important to her, when she did she pushed everyone away even me," she said looking at me. "I need you to promise me that you won't leave her, even if she pushes you away, promise me that you will help her and care for her when I die, promise me that you will love her for me," she said looking at me directly in the eyes. "She loves you, she's chosen you to be the one and only princess for her," she said making me smile. "She once told me that she was only going to introduce me to the girl she wants to be her one and only princess to have my approval to make her, her queen," she said an I nodded. "You have my approval, so please Lexi promise me that you will be what she needs because she will love you forever if you do," she said. "Belle, I promise you that I will love her with all I've got, and I will care for her as much as I will care for you little princess," I said and she smiled. "I'm gonna rest my eyes for a second," she said closing her eyes. "Oh Lexi one more thing, don't tell Gabby please," she said and I nodded smiling.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead and then walked to the door to find Gabby. She was against the wall with her eyes closed, the pain was very noticeable. She was breaking apart, who wouldn't? I don't know what I would do if I were to lose Cameron. I walked to where she was and I hugged her tight, she calmed almost instantly with my touch. "Are you going to tell me what she told you?" she asked. "Nope," I said shaking my head. "But babe!" she said pouting. "Nope," I said closing my eyes and shaking my head. "Would a kiss change your mind?" she asked. "Mhmm, I don't know maybe," I said making her laugh. She put her hand on my cheek and kiss me right next to my mouth missing my lips by a bit making to want more. "Ugh, you know I hate that," I said pulling her by her neck crashing my lips against hers. The kiss was sweet and gentle, she has always been sweet and gentle. The kiss was getting intense, we need to stop before this gets heat up and things get out of hand. Who am I kidding? this is already out of hand. she dropped her hand down grabbing my ass making me moan on her lips then we heard someone clearing their throat making me push Gabby.

"Mom, mommy," she said blushing hard. "Gabby where are your manners?" her mom asked. "I'm Marsha Hart, and this is my beautiful wife Kathy," she said. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you like my daughter's girlfriend," Mrs. Kathy said. "The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Hart," I said. "Oh sweetheart I'm not that old, call me Kathy," she said and I nodded. "It is a pleasure to meet you both," I said trying to shake their hands. "We Harts love hugs," she said hugging me. Gabby was smiling the whole time and I couldn't be happier this way.

Gabby's POV

Part of me felt happy but something in my heart made me feel like I was being selfish. Belle is dying on me and I'm right outside her door smiling just because I got a girlfriend? What a shitty sister I am. I look at Lexi who is smiling at my moms and my moms are happy to meet her. "Gabby are you okay?" Lexi asked and I just nodded.

We went back to my place in hopes to find Bri but she wasn't there, it's being like this lately and I wouldn't be surprised if she were to move in with her boyfriend. Kyle is a great guy and they love each other very much, what I'm trying to say is that if she's happy, I'm happy. I poured some ice on my cup to pour water afterward. I put my cup next to Lexi who's been glued to her phone for at least 15 minutes, I slide off the counter to get myself a drink. I walked back over to her sliding my hands around her waist underneath her T-shirt. I cup her boobs give her kisses on her neck. "Those are... my boobs," she said laughing, while I gave her boobs a squeeze. She turns to face me leaning against the counter, I bit my lips how can she get me this turn on? I look at her while sliding my hands underneath her T-shirt letting my hands rest on her belly. "You're really sexy," I whispered in her ear softly. She smirks at me licking her lips. "And you're really not..." she said making me roll my eyes. I walked away from her towards the kitchen when I felt her hand tightened up around my arm. "You know I'm kidding," she said I looked back at her pushing her against the counter devouring my lips. "You're so hot," I whispered in her ear softly. "You talk too much, " she said making me laugh. I kiss her neck, she tries not to react to it failing miserably. My hand ventures down in between her thighs, she closes her eyes placing her palms on the countertop forcing herself not to give in to me, once again failing miserably.

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