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Luke remained surprisingly calm.

"You guys are doing something tomorrow?" Luke asked.

"If you guys are okay with it." she spoke respectively.

"Of course we are" I spoke before he could say anything.

She had yet to experience anything besides raising her little brother- I wanted her to be able to do whatever the fuck she wanted to as long as she was safe.

"B-but we want to meet him" like stuttered.

"Okay" she nodded simply.

"Michael should be out of surgery, will you run his lunch to him?" I asked her, knowing Luke needed to have a moment.


She quickly grabbed his food, leaving with it.

As soon as she was out of sight, he stood, rubbing his face.

"Is this what it feels like to be a dad?" Luke panicked, grabbing his chest dramatically.

"Luke" I laughed lightly.

"Calum- she cant go out with a boy- boys like sex and we don't even know this kid- she barely even knows him. He could kill her, he could be using her- Shes new to all of this and that makes her vulnerable." He spoke quickly.

"Luke, Aubrey is a teenager, teenagers meet people and they go on dates-" "and how many first date rape victims have we had to give pelvic exams to?" He shot out.

"Calm down and fucking listen to me." I spat out.

"We are going to meet him, we know people. If any of us get a weird feeling, we will call it off, we'll make her share her locations with us so we know where she is constantly. Everything will be okay." I assured him.

"Nothing can happen to her as long as she's under my care" he spoke.

"And nothing will,"

She came back in, Michael following close behind her.

The four of us sat together, waiting on Ashton to finish surgery.

Three hours later.

"Want to come with me to get Nick?" Michael asked.

"Sure" I shrugged.

We rode quietly, listening to music.

"There's a lot going on in your head, isn't there?" He spoke, making me look to him.

"Yeah" I exhaled lightly.

"Nick will get better, he's just overwhelmed with attention and being spoiled right now" he spoke, reaching over to give my hand a small squeeze, making me exhale lightly.

Soon Nick got into the car, allowing us to leave.

"How was your day?" I asked him.

"Good" he spoke quietly.

"How's your girlfriend?" Michael asked, making him smile.

"She's good" he grinned.

We got back to the hospital, parking in the staff parking lot, which was across the road from the hospital.

I opened the door for Nick, grabbing his hand.

"Let go!" He yelled, jerking his arm from me.

"Fine" I spoke, raising my hands in defense.

"No running, wait on us" I spoke as he ran in the direction of the hospital.

"Nick" I spoke again, knowing he would stop once he got close to the road.

"Nick!" Michael yelled as he got closer.

All I could see was the cars coming.

So I ran too.

As he stepped into the middle of the road, it's as if he realized what he did and he froze- staring to a car coming straight to him.

"Nick!" Michael continued to yell, directly behind me.

"Aubrey let me-" I ran into the road, jerking him out of the way, feeling Michael jerk my own body, pulling us both out of the way of the car.

I felt the burning of my skin as I came into contact with the gravel- but I didn't care.

"Nick are you on fucking drugs!" I yelled, feeling my own tears running down my face as he sat at Michaels feet, crying as Michael made sure he was okay.

"You have to start fucking listening to me or you're going to die- you just almost died, do you realize that?" I yelled to him.

"Aubrey- give him a minute." Michael spoke.

"Michael he almost fucking-" "he almost killed you both- yes, I fucking understand that. But we're all shaken up- let's take a fucking minute." Michael spoke, pulling Nick into a hug, making him break out into tears.

I stood, wiping my own tears quickly.

"I'm going to see Luke-" "Aubrey, wait on us" he spoke sternly.

I refrained from rolling my eyes, watching Michael pick up my spoiled ass brother, carrying his crying body inside.

We walked into Luke's office, where the three guys sat, all eyes moving to us.

"What happened?" Ashton was the first to speak.

"Nick ran from us and almost got hit by a car. Aubrey ran to grab him and I had to grab Aubrey- really fucking scary." He spoke as the three of the stood, Luke immediately grabbing Nick's bleeding arm.

"Why did you run from them, Nick?"

No one was fussing, no one was telling him that he shouldn't do that.

He was getting big hugs and his tears wiped.

I focused to the blood dripping down my knees and my elbow, making me leave without another word.

I went to the bathroom, grabbing napkins and wetting them.

The cuts hurt.

I was shaking as I slowly wiped one of my legs.

I heard the door open, but I ignored it, thinking it was a random nurse.

"Let me look" Luke's voice spoke, and I felt him gently grab me.

"Luke- this is the girl's bathroom-" he quickly glanced to the open stalls behind him.

"No girls in here, it's fine" he spoke, lifting me without another word, setting me on the counter, taking the wet napkins from my hands, throwing them away.

He focused to my knees, carefully dusting some of the rock and gravel away, looking to the main cuts.

"You might need some stitches" he mumbled.

"Come on, I wanna take you to the ER." He spoke.

"I'm fine, just let me wipe it-" he rolled his eyes, moving beside me.

"Hold your skirt" he spoke.

"Why-" luckily I did it before questioning, because he immediately lifted me bridal style, making me throw my free arm around him, making sure he didn't drop me.

"I can walk" I spoke quietly, but still letting my head hit his shoulder, giving into the affection that I didn't even want.

"I know you can, but you don't have to right now"

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