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I texted Calum

Can I go get lunch with a friend?

Before I even put my phone down, I got a response

Of course! Have fun, text me if you need anything.

I did not expect that.

"He said yes" I spoke to Dawson, who immediately smiled.

"Great, ready to go?"


We walked to his car, where he opened the passenger door for me, making me smile.

"Thank you"


"Where to?" He asked.

"Whatever you want" I spoke to him.

He visibly thought about it for a moment.

"Do you like Chipotle?" He asked.

"Never had it." I spoke, causing shock to spearhead across his face.

"Well, that is where we are going."

He played music as we rode there, he sang to me, pointed out random things he thought was cool.

"I like your smile" he spoke as we pulled into the restaurants parking lot.

The butterflies came back.

"Thank you" I spoke quietly.

"You're quiet" he spoke, unbuckling as he put it in park.

I shrugged lightly

"I'll get you out of that"

We walked in together, he ordered something random that he claimed to love for the both of us before we picked seats.

"So, Aubrey" he spoke, intertwining his hands as he smiled to me.

"Where did you transfer from?" He asked.

"Online, home school" I spoke quietly, making him nod.

"So you're extra smart, you taught yourself and still doubled up on classes-" "I had a lot of extra time" I lied, giving a small shrug.

"Who do you live with?"

I cleared my throat lightly.

"My- my dad" I felt a lump in my throat as I said it.

"And some of his really close friends and then my little brother" I nodded.

"I always wanted a little brother" he spoke with a smile.

"No you don't" I laughed quickly.

"Little demon?" He asked.

"Lately, yes." I exhaled to him.

He nodded slowly, never taking his eyes away from me.

"Tell me about you" I spoke, wanting the focus to be off of me.

"No much to say, I'm an only child, football player, and I like dogs" he spoke with a smile.

"Do you have any dogs?" I asked.

"Yeah, I have a lab, he's my bestfriend" he smiled, making me smile with him.

We soon got food, and I'd admit- it's pretty damn good.

"Heaven, right?" He raised his eyebrows to me.

"Pretty damn close to it"

We walked out together, and I got a text from Luke.

No one will be home within the next few hours, so you can go home and chill or come to the hospital and stay in my office with me, it's up to you.

"Mind taking me to the hospital?" I asked Dawson, seeing his eyes widen.

"W-what's wrong-" "oh- no, nothing" I laughed quickly.

"That's where Luke works, so I'm going to chill with him" I spoke.

"Who is Luke?" My heart dropped as he asked.

"My- dad?" I asked almost as a question, seeing him send me a purely confused look.

"You call your dad by his actual name?" He smiled to me.

"It's a really long story" I laughed lightly, seeing him nod slowly.

"Maybe I can get that out of you on our next date" he smiled as I buckled up, looking to him as he started driving.

"We're doing this again?" I laughed lightly

"Only if you want to, but tomorrow is Friday, I was thinking maybe we go to the movies or skating or something" he shrugged lightly.

"I don't think I'd be against that."

After a short drive to the hospital and me putting my phone number in his phone, he parked.

"Want me to walk you in?" He asked.

"No it's okay" I laughed lightly.

"Thank you for lunch" I smiled.

"Thank you for your company"

I got out, almost bouncing inside.

I went to Luke's office, telling myself to be cool before I walked in, seeing Luke and Calum eating lunch.

"Good day?" Calum immediately smiled.

"Uh- yeah" I spoke calmly, giving it a small shrug.

"Made friends, I assume-" "a friend, yeah" I nodded.

"Tell us about her" Luke spoke.

"Well- she is a he" I spoke slowly, seeing both of their eyebrows immediately raise.

Calum's frown curved into a smile as he looked to Luke, who held a flat expression.

"A dude?" Luke questioned slowly.

"Yeah- he's the only person who spoke to me" I shrugged lightly, trying to make it seem like no big deal.

"And that's who you went to eat lunch with?" Luke questioned.

"Yeah" I nodded simply.

"You went on a date-" "Luke, chill" Calum laughed lightly.

"Calum- she went on a date-" "Shes seventeen years old, they do that." He laughed, looking to me.

"But next date, we meet him."

"So you guys are free to meet him tomorrow?"

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