How it all started part 2

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The next day, Alex was sleeping in his room when all of a sudden he felt his tighty whities go up his butt.

"Aahhhhh!!" Alex screamed

"What? You don't like that wedgie boy?" Toby said

  Toby was Alex's older brother, he was 17 and a junior in highschool.

"Hmmmmm. I always did wonder why you only wear baby boy undies, but I guess now I know. It's because you love this don't you you? Toby said as he pulled higher.

"I like them, but only when I give them to myself" Alex responded

"Well it doesn't matter, When Chris told me he had a surprise for you and he wanted me to participate, I refused, until he told me what it was and then I remembered how much I love you and wanted to do something nice for your birthday." He explained

Alex knew he did it because he wanted to have fun with him and not because he was "being a good brother."

"Anyways, I need to get ready for school" he said but not before hanging  him in the coat rack in Alex's room.

"Let me down!" Alex proclaimed

"Figure it out yourself wedgie boy" Toby laughed as he walked out of Alex's room.

Not a minute later Alex's tighty whities ripped and he fell to the floor.

"Oww" Alex whined

"Breakfast is ready" Alex's mom yelled from the kitchen.

"Coming!" Alex yelled back as he changed into a pair of baby blue briefs.

Alex, then changed and head to the kitchen.

"I wonder if my parents are really in on it like Chris said?" Alex thought

"How did you sleep honey?" Alex mom asked as she sets his breakfast in front of him.

"Umm good" he said suspicious as he is trying to figure out if they know.

Alex sits down looking at his dad who is reading the paper. He still doesn't know who knows, but little dies he know that more people more than he thinks.

Alex finishes his breakfast and his dad leaves for work, as he leaves the house he asks Alex to follow him. Alex did but was very suspicious about it.

They were in the living room. In there, the rest of the family can't see or really hear them.

Alex's dad hands him a present wrapped with a bow.

"What is it?!" Alex asked excitedly

"You'll see, just promise to open it when you get home ok?"

"Ok dad, thanks" Alex said hugging his father as he leaves.

As he is hugging his father, he felt him grab his baby blue briefs and yank them half way his back.

"Ouch, dad!"

"Sorry kiddo" Chris made me promise, he said chuckling and winked at him as he left.

Alex fixed his underwear and returned to the kitchen.

"Ok guys, we better go now or you'll be late" she said while grabbing her keys.


She drops of Toby at his highschool first, then drops off Alex at his middle school.

"Have a good day sweetie" she said

"Ok, thanks Mom" Alex said as he hugged her and started to get of the car.

"Oh, I almost forgot" Alex's mom said as Alex is getting off the car.

In that moment she reached and grabbed Alex's waistband and pulled as Alex was getting off, which streached the undies far, a few people saw and laughed.

After a few seconds, Alex's mom let go and Alex's blue briefs snapped back to him, causing him to fall.

"Oops, sorry" she said

Alex said nothing. He just got up and starting walking inside the school, knowing today had only just begun.

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