Her Violet Eyes - Part 5

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"seth.. you didn't kill her right"

"Idiot, ofcourse i didn't kill her, im not completely hopeless"

"well... why isn't she waking up yet, it's been 3 hours.."

The blackness that had engulfed me was edging away, and the voices were becoming clearer. I struggled to remember what had happened.

"mm wher i hmm ... di.. wh-am "

"... was she speaking english?"

I opened my eyes and green ones were staring right back at me. oh my god, it wasn't a dream, i guess screaming was becoming a thing with me.

"far out seth make her shutup!"

Seth pulled me close to him and wrapped an arm around me, covering my mouth. it was such an intimate way of holding someone, but the whole steel grip clamping my mouth shut freaked me out but there was nothing i could do, and i resigned myself to that fact.

instead of struggling and screaming as i was doing a few seconds ago, i started to seriously pull on my inner clam self, and i finally realised where i was.

I was in the back seat of a car squished against Seth's side, the car seemed to be a black hummer infront and of me was Nathaniel and Dane. what disturbed me the most was that Dane and Nathaniel were staring at me, most of all Dane who is meant to be driving.

I started struggling again and trying desperatly pointing to the road, i could scream out or anything.

"seth whys she freaking out... are you doing something you shouldn't be doing?"

nathaniel waglled his eyebrows at us, but i just kept freaking out. I don;t want to die in a car crash. Not today.

The car went over a bump in the road and seth's hand slipped.


"ohhhhh, i thought she was a spaz"

i rolled my eyes as Seths hand had become a mouth clamp again, i grumbled in annoyance.

"oh my god we havn't properly introduced ourselves have we!, well im Nathaniel"

he smiled at me sweetly, like he sooo hadn't jsut kidnapped me for god knows why AND almost killed my driver.

"And im Dane, nice to meet you"

Dane didn't turn back this time, but kept his eyes on the road. his voice still sounded amazing and dreamy.

"and im Seth, it's a pleasure to meet you"

Seths chest rumbled as he spoke, and i could feel his breath near my ear, and i hoped to god i wasnt blushing, i could already feel my face getting hot. And so could Seth.

He chuckled and i just grumbled out a non commited mummble.

"So leighton, are you going to continue screaming if i remove my hand from your mouth?"

I shook my head, it wasn't as if i could reply anyway. god his voice was sexy though.

Seth removed his hand. and i shoved away from him as quickly as possible

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, KIDNAPPING ME! GOD! WHAT THE SHIT ARE YOU DOING! all i was doing was trying to go to school like any normal person, they told me it was a good school, but no Harold wouldnt really give me any more information than that, and all he was doing was driivng me AND NOW! NOW I FEE LIKE IM PART OF A FUCKING MOVIE! WHY HAV YOU KIDNAPPED ME YOU HAD N-"

Seths hand was replaced on my mouth, and i was pulled against him again, but this time i was on his lap, His grip was like steel, i couldn't move.

"i'll admit my request was flawed, as what you just said wasn't screaming but rather loud yelling. But i thought it was implied"

i glared death rays out of the windsheild, and i even had nathaniel turn back around and look away.

i was beyond pissed of.

"by the way, Harold was the one kidnapping you, We're taking you to school.."

he paused and look up, then his mouth came closer my my ears,

"and your the cutest girl i've ever seen"

he kissed my neck again and the last thing i saw was Dane nodding in approval.

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