Chapter 7

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       (Name)'s POV

  A minute has passed by after I had finished "talking" with Jeff. I felt BEN grab my arm and I retracted it back, out of instinct of course.

  "We have to go. I sense our boss is getting impatient as well as Jeff if you look behind you." BEN said nervously. I looked behind me and BEN was right, Jeff's face was a pissed off one.

  'Any second now, I feel like he's going to snap, so best not keep them both waiting any longer' I thought.

  "Alright, let's go. I'll get my stuff another time," I heard Jeff mumble something under his breath, but I shook it off and continued, "By the way, where are we going?" I tiled my head in confusion. "Really?! You read about us and our backstories and you still don't know where we're going?! Man, you are really pathetic." He mumbled that last part.

  "Well, I'm sorry! You two just came in here coming to "find" me or whatever, expecting me to just follow you guys to wherever you're going?! For all I kn-!" Jeff growled in anger and put his knife against my neck in a firm grip, just enough for me to feel dark, crimson liquid poring down my throat.

  "I suggest you watch your tone before I make you Go To Sleep! I'm not in the mood to be playing these little games of yours!" I feel tears starting to form, but I kept them from coming down. "Alright, I'll come with you guys." I said softly.

  "Good." And with that, Jeff retracted his knife from my throat, as I gasped for air "Alright, that's enough! We have to go to Slender and bring her to him." BEN said.

  "How are we getting there?" I asked. "Well... the same way me and Jeff got here... but I can just glitch us through the TV." I was shocked by BEN's answer. I hesitated before replying, "O-ok."

  "You two go, I want to go on a mini killing spree before I return to that place. Tell Slender that I'll be gone for a while to relieve some stress, would ya?" Jeff said, looking at me and BEN. I nodded, "Alright, we will, don't worry." He nodded and jumped out my... window?!

  'But... how?! I thought I locked it!' I was surprised at how Jeff even managed to even unlock it without me or BEN realizing it.

  Just then, static appeared on my TV once more and BEN started to walk towards it. He stopped, turned around and said, "Hey, are ya comin'?" "Yes, sorry." He waved at me in reassurance, "It's fine, I know this is a bit surprising to you since you don't see people coming through electronics often." He said scratching the back of his yellow; blonde hair.

  I walked to where BEN was. He grabbed my hand and held it firmly, but not tightly. "I suggest you close your eyes, this isn't something a human should do, and you're not like me." I did as he told me.

  We both jumped through and I felt myself floating, almost feeling lighter than air. I hear electronic sounds in the background, which sounds weird at first, but it's still pretty cool considering the fact that I've never seen or even been inside of a TV before.

  "Alright, you can open them now." BEN said. I did as he told me to and my eyes widened as I gasped. I found out where we are.

  I'm standing in front of the Slender Man mansion.

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