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My dress was done, I was going to kill each and every one of my designers, this thing was so damn heavy and my stilettos....do not even ask.

I was damn sure I will fall infront of everyone and then they will laugh including the very divine male who was sitting on our bed staring at me intensely.

He wore a very royal cloak equally balanced with a leather suit crafted with diamonds and had gold leaves covering the arms.

Hades was looking.......good enough to devour. I bit my bottom lip unconsciously as his eyes trailed my royal black gown top to bottom.

I was combing my hair which were tied in untameable knots making me scream in frustration.....I had million problems right now, the topmost was how to distract myself from him.

His muscles were calling out my name to tire them till they were sore from ravishing me.

"Come here Persephone."

"No, we are already late."

"I said come here goddess."

I walked over to him nervously and plopped myself on his lap. My diamond necklace covering my neck made it hard to smother my face in his chest but I tried my best.

"You look exquisite baby." he inhaled my scent as I pushed my face in the crook of his neck.... screw the makeup.

"The gown is heavy, the jewellery is heavy, the heels are thin and my hair is a bird's nest." I whined continuously as he combed the thick strands chuckling.

"It will just take two hours baby and then you are free from these heavy things.... probably I will take off each of your clothing to make you feel light." My breath became erratic as he whispered huskily in my ear.

"And maybe make you so damn high so that all you tongue remember is my name to whine and scream all night."

"Yes?" he eyed my lips like he was starving before biting on it, kissing me hungrily, making me moan out loud.

"I love you so much." I embraced him tightly as he kissed my mark, clutching me.

"You will be the best Queen Persephone, I am so proud of you baby."

"I want to tell you something..... I paired mates for the first time Hades." He looked at me with pride, mirth dancing in his eyes.

"And who that might be?"

"Selene deserved love which was always taken from her, snatched away.....Hades..I made a new body for her soul. Her name is Psyche and she is Eros' mate."

"I am so honored to have you Persephone, sometimes some souls are so in-depth with evil that the chances to revive them is far gone, Selene was a pure soul turned evil with the cruelty of world, she had already payed for her deeds and she deserves it.....Eros deserves this."


The Olympian gods were invited to the Grand coronation of Queen Persephone and the Underworld was submerged in garlands of flowers.

The sky engulfing the palace had changed its colour from cherry to cyan, white cottony clouds floating high scattering rays of sun.

The magnanimous iron gates once known to be dark and unwelcoming were now covered with Lily of the valleys, it's pure white colour contrasting with the dark gates of death.

Cerberus was impatient to be officially and formally introduced to Persephone so she would again call him cereal. All the three heads were calm and there was no wish for bloodbath today.

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